billy cancel

diddling around with FASHION ROADKILL

in an axis of Crazy Attempts i’ve apparently
had too much air ‘n’ exercise & need to break
my teeth upon some grain eyed Dead Cargo
or go again milk a pigeon because i at least
deserve this Cushion. though the hole in the

doughnut was that after a final Cup of
the Creature you went point shaving got
loose rattletrap sucked a mop then bit
your own head. such a slippery slope for

small potatoes out in LEFTFIELD aiming
for the fence but now we can’t get There from
Here & i can barely grasp that it’s time

to lay down
the knife
& fork
billy cancel
Ornamental Hermit Why?

watching the SUBMARINE RACES

seems reward from another life a faint
pixelated noise leaking through… maybe
cut - shuffle alba? in the Alligator

Church we attended a masked
ball they led us about the garden

a game hazardous but funny we got
given mathematical dressing light
years ahead of my Alphachloralose

Cher Ami Alphachloralose Mocker
Paddy Starlicide White Vision Starlicide
Alphachloralose Martha Alphachloralose
Winkie William of Orange Starlicide Mary
of Exeter Starlicide Cowboy Verse Armchair

Research. what began as
a bestiary soon morphed into an ecstatic poem
then some rubbish-filled quarry remix. from

different stuff going on
in the Solar System i am
in spiritual danger & your
advice is
billy cancel
Some Comfortless Vast

DIRTY PUZZLE you are my Hobby Horse

who walked into Great Affection carrying
a Lazy Man’s load who has been so
entertaining thoughtful throughout
this whole series of displacements
delays. maybe when we come into

my Yorkshire Estate McMansion
Big House Upon Forever Green
Pasturage shall i produce a sense
of depth perhaps a different set

of tensions to brain it around
& chew the Scenery within a
similar scale looser grid soft
dolled up lighting that fits the
beat florid complexities short
commercials that kind of
Programming. yeah let’s make

Rough Music until we’re blocked
at both ends.