Brendan Sherry
The Man You Live with Comes Home Early

Better to be safe, splitting the difference along the grain with sorry's ripsaw

Will any man mind the weather

Who is himself raining? I escape out your window without my shoes

Can we stop this yet, says a voice, say inner, the raindrops fat

On crabapples, starvation rehearsal, hockey on ESPN2

Seen sideways the puck is not in flight but in fall, to meditate on

We have to land somewhere, else the ground

A liar call

Brendan Sherry
Love Such as Does Not Violate Fear

Losing teeth, we wait for the skull to look evil for us

In the perne of funny, evil, funny, losing view of the beloved at each revolution

In pre-med they had a bucketful of brains

We said goodbye to part of our suspicion that thought can't travel

Once there was a thunderstorm above our wooden balcony, hail filled the kitchen cup

You said I'm going to fix a drink

Figure shrinking, PatrĂ³n, rocks, your love of things sky-descended in terms other

Than moral terms