Coleman Edward Dues
from The Ekstatikon Par Excellence

(blade bared, era bled bad, bled red.

great reds, violets, golds about. degreeless noon

has great v’s about. blade switched, be

witched. whichsoever was the clock atomic

birdened by the sky’s shoulder, boulder rolled

foreverwise up the great gash pouring

great reds, violets, goldarned goshdanged

sonofabitching days forth. nor’easters, nor’

yesters, nor permanence neither. yes mister,

I have a wrist, there’s a crossroads at it. a

funnybone, a wishbone at it. a chicken

enters the question. headless but it looks upways

anyways, heedless, foreverwise.)

Coleman Edward Dues
from The Ekstatikon Par Excellence

“time flies like an arrow;

fruit flies like a banana.”

flying time makes semifit…

time meets? seamlike? time fills?

falls? left, aft, east? miles,

miles? eellike? stemlike? flamelike

time? we are islets in lakelets. time

teems w/ lifetimes; likeliest. time

filiate (felliate??) w/ space. space

masks. meat space on skeletal time.

—: §

…glamouring hologram,

spotlight gloom n gloam,

limit limit limit limit limit

me awake—: §

Coleman Edward Dues
from The Ekstatikon Par Excellence


go down


show a mar on a writing of a body of words—:—:—:

undo a name

and do nightfall—:—:—:—: §

a blackout then is not the drawing of shades

which draws in shade but the apostasy of light

so the brain when the flesh dims dims

and bulbous space will flicker neath the bulb time

for an eyelid is but a lid for an I

the namesaker

the thereforer

the one with the


the perception perceiving perception perceives

in time but timeless eyelids lid no I no

telling what goes on at night no telling

what the green fairy took the

topology of timelessness the topology of timelessness

I can only repeat it

I can only



Coleman Edward Dues
from The Ekstatikon Par Excellence

waiting in the wings (we are the bird).

waiting itself. waiting waits other durations,

moneyed and fair-skinned, in possession of

large cocks and riflery.

stopping in. the title, the deed, The End, and the following negotiations.

we still are the bird. stopping

or is the wind


go. fuck in a vestibule. thrall in the anteroom. rage, rage,

age sideways.

—: the tiny messiah, by way of syllojizzum.

have you ever walked on uneven ground.

have you good sex, revolution

apart from the doors to modern shopping malls.

you would say look at the time

and you would be blinded.


on these uneven grounds, you’ve walked ever and forever, and the groundskeeper

has never thought Earth, the groundskeeper only thinks and shall only think


. —: The End, how did you sleep.