Vernon Frazer
Spark of Desire Gone South
the fingernail manner
doubles past blistered links
     for turn-ons
                        and raucous creation
volt feast                       asserts gathered lip
      without uses

                          then retracts

          the matinee hospital
          inherent episode loaves
          plasticine to firebrick in past

                           wearing out learned water


the topcoat passage
crossed a central nightie
                  on the backcloth

     inherent to the foreground creeper

             theatrical silks
             bulled the roadblock daredevil

                                      to grater expectorant

                                               a sombrero of itself
Vernon Frazer
Ending Melody
the pole ensemble parted
as past all uses
                          implicit in their addition
          each its myriad
                   partnership palette

     nightstick moves
retract their chaotic molesters
              for takeaways

         slow climbing
         slotted hierarchical giving

illustrate                         the pastel
a climbing graphic         nestles to
                                  volt the implicit music

a worrier cassette
shakes up the doorstops
of inherent lapse

     all fax toast tip-offs
     learned formulation impresses
     the expletive rackets
                 knocking expertise

          a shadowed dissonance
          deleted devastation turnovers
Vernon Frazer
Feeding One Spirit
freezer bag marauders
encircling their whirling focal point
       vocal          when
                           the dumpster
      reporter     declares


ecological rerun demons
return to schedule the beacon crawl


begging the weight of deliverance

     as change
                     pocket or other

            a                dollar
         tactic           more

     to reaching for         more      
                                                     or less

                       to close the touch
Vernon Frazer
Narrative Turn
a statue uprising imposed
their shakers glinting of robbery

when blockaded leftward
their weekly aggressors went
right pork provisional

the impediment that followed
reversing dendrite marker drag
belies the remedial hitch

thermostats breathe palpitation


voice adventure responses
caught on a condor snatch pad
vouched cellophane empty

their determination communicates opera

plated as a stencil invocation lament
their fever bartered textural miracles
the raft entreaties brickading forever

a friction financier proved
the mission hollow amusement


turn here for possible tale
Vernon Frazer
Climbing to the Dark
fuselage decrepitude
treading slow past paradigm magic
a low interjection amused

     its quick rhythm    
     a chart’s lateral incumbent

shaping enthusiasm
through dread baskets

     to the cleaving

among the castigated pillars

                    (     )

walls tower over                                                           cast
when the topple                                                           falls
start tower walls                                                          rain
height braggarts                                                           talk

      meant willing measures    

clouding over
debt fixation brickades  




          rhetorically adept
          a fuel fossil climbing
               the shadow of the light

                   under toppled construction