Irene Koronas
excerpt from “NOV” from Siphonic
Volume VI, The Grammaton Series

the asatic anaphora in niport shows
a dash enraps her chart the count
edenic caption for a thrift tetra

hypothesis will jury us much

and shared by a kangaroo strip
tease in subterfuge the wakeful
lack of interference sizes me up

the scato pentagonic is likely
to disappear and leave a garapata
cliff note will regain her photo sex

wet with a perennial sienna
he comes out from a solid hapvent
endurance is here there are

scarlet aegis in factitoes
their solid alphabet ripe
for amplitude and olthetic

nail clippings are at least in
an envelope that installs rebirth pills
for licks are headless

both nudes have triangular noses
and a reluctance to number two
conversant in ambilious father says

overwrite the genital points
the possible going there

a certainty much earlier than arkway
or waystoark tendencies

the ones we call legible within
a garage loaded with homage

and weekend attempts to grizzle
new objections to absorb into them

the glob venom of five halves
interhocking is a kinetic purgatory
an apposition to austeromp

chic discipline omits signals
in break rooms

with virile fluids
are geo suggestions

you can clearly hear the demand
for tips in shotcrete cupola

how do i dare to mention perspective
how do i dare mention meter

i will lose my gorgetwirl
mints in the mushy middle

what matters is the tariff
the extra coy product

a total edition in parts
to my conceptional end

by harmon fetter
that blots out paper