John Byrum


Notes: placeholders

(open-ended markers for what has been omitted,
or for what could be construed as being outside of language, and
for what is not possible to express or point toward using language)

only obliquely or approximately present, like a film

These objects as nothing more nor less than placeholders for n number of ideas, theories, concepts, metaphors, paintings, etc., that we might wish to investigate.

The dots on the paintings might themselves be taken as placeholders for a next lower level of detail, such as for particular things like actual materials ('tools' for thought), images of things or ideas, ideas of images or things, etc.

A pegboard is a place for holding tools (which might be used to construct, manipulate or craft ideas, things, etc.).

The grid of point-areas or pegboard as one approach toward distributing incident across a field (or creating a field of occurrence).

An approach at once perfunctory and profound, where each unit is anonymous and also unique.

Evoking apertures as well as objects. Objects as apertures?

(approximating records of) (evolving outward from a moving aperture)

'placeholder' - now an analogue of 'fetish'?

needless extrusions.









what should we really be doing ___________ blank writhing nowhere intentions

use not literally  denoted to suggest  comparison shard  listing attributes  from  one

to another sphere for cover  or cleared ground take under  standing limited  means

pretty  much  any  picture  will  do hollow  letters over red will to abandon not to say

that  what  may  not  be  modes  available  within  and  shows  through  ever simply

present  or  not  or  more likely  unfolding similarly  as  active  interpretation  quietly

nicks  filter  sun  on   two  or   three  bricks  substituting  incessant  deciphering  for

presentation   of  without  circumscribed  function   figures   &   momentum  cannot

meaningfully  have  properties  talk  partially  following  trails overload  to  measure

our task as rootmass utter vessel between  what  is  words  draw  outlines  around

pull turn destabilizing metaphoric operation open fielding congeries "complexity &

contradiction"  splay into  complementarity features mutually exclusive  yet  equally

irreducible  unexpectedly inexplicable dissemination through a  network  of  nodes

should process intermittently continuous semi purloined chunks partially melted  &

fused   together  with  large   blanks  via  "via"  cuts  that  spline  sentience  folding

clothes  begin  to  filter  volutes  cover  holes  since  longer   words  were   refused

respectively takes having  unculled become  upholstery abate excerpts  accepting

refunds in mannered  embraces  of  vision  impulses  meander  without  resolution

pressing  against  heart throat base  of skull  untouched voluntarily  bitter we begin

the  culmination  of  intimacy   locked against  a   dimly   realized  need  to  explain

wordless  understandings  flooding  cheats  interminable  calculations of angles of

irruption or how bodies move in the spaces between these frail easy  borders  our

cuts proceed by interminable analysis within and sprawl across & without  multiple

closures   words    cutout    shapes  seem     to   sludge simple    notions     savage

iridescences haze trails meandering  off into hover  and over sluices  again how to

say  at  once  (or nearly so)  granular  &  waviform   incomplete   misunderstanding

misapprehension  mistaken  oblique  or ambiguous usages or locutions speaking

out  of imperfectly  realized oblique or  ambiguous contexts  or language games  a

permeable  irresponsibility  i.e.,  others  by  any means whatsoever  'rigorous' may

never  relate  scissor  cut  stem  clouds or simply compression or lack of sufficient

attention   mutual   incomprehension   close  representations   exposing   fractured

transfers touch gulfs a  sort of  "belljar" effect scribbling (on or through) a receiving

or  accepting  area  signs  without  consequences sense  of the word  causality as

idealization  of definition poly intermorph region langousness ualit a  film  in  which

seemingly   meaningful  events do  connect and   disconnect  at  will  'a' or  'the ' as

valved  or   vibrating    assembling   of   multiple  and  multiply  incomplete  strands

radiating   outward     from   shifting    collocations   of     point/areas   interweaving

throughout  and  falling apart everywhere mouths of if  & the  textures  they  bite  on

bright in the burnt motions of utensils & sterility over  the  plate  parasites signs  for

glimpsed  raw interminable glances commentary  on the  bracketed ([blank]) is not

a  viable  alternative  to a genuine committed loving embrace of all o f the surfaces

of our  experiences,  neither is an  art of  sociopolitical  or   onto-epistemo-political

concerns  endgames  of  power  bereft  of purpose  rents amid rending, the of,  the

without fabric but felt cloudlike  among  openings through  is  between  what  adopt

apt yipping upped yawping opt aped yapping suspension of such inaccessible  as

inconceivable  form   spiraling  in  like  half  or sleeping  ending   with  participatory

background  text  useful  as  it seems  under  everyday  circumstances  to  say that

saying silhouette  smearing  grau rect  pons  leak  moiré  patterns  remain   animal

skins deeply an  index  of  roiling  dim  sorts  potential  as  is silence of across  felt

covers for forgetfulness  specifically  woven   planks carried  now  headed   toward

cumulatively   sold    fodder    accommodation  ladder   illimitable    excerpts   scan

trajectories  cross  spurious  referencing  insidious  strategies of  sustaining   three

plus  inflection  two planks   terminal  account   amoebic   by passed  gray   shades

importing  weave as and up  on dark  shapes coiled about with darker tether   sign

or shoulder for (we)  trus t approximately  the our  best  attempts  to   communicate

our situation as the situation  as we  see  it: a  mobile   arrangement  of metaphors

as the second set gradually assigned to larger & larger    selections of  other   sets

continual  burning  untranslatable   passage  what  is  between  trans non  and  this

seems    worth   remembering:   a   multiple   landscape    inhabited   by    Sibylline

strangeness  may require a more radical break from proper  names a   break from

radical    breaks   a   different  difference   emerging   from     interplaying   nets  of

unsymbolizable   residue  slips  out  of  the  wourdeds a  miscellaneous instrument

dots of  tool  cloud  stubble  push  evacuation  routes  shimmer   without  markings

actual roads in a stationary perspective narrow to a virtual point  on  the perceived

horizon  emerge  to  allow  theory  transforms interpretation text blocks  fluid visual

field  language  interminably   cuts  &  sutures  together  again  worded   things  by

wording  process  all these terms contrapuntal  interplay superseded lending  their

own  trembling  senses  replacement  enmeshing  in  particular  fibrous  or  waving

chains immediate interpretations terms they  never  governed  or  even   surmised

radical  ruptures  and massive interconnectivity liquid  in night moons artifactual  in

the  night  mountains  multiple  parallel   processing models  &  regimes   standard

takes  &   nonstandard   mistakes  pool o r  models  &  nonmodels  closures    and

unclosures  disclosures  or  still  other  economies   names   unnamables   can  be

neither  named  nor   claimed  to  be  unnamable  only  full  silence  fluid panoply  &

remainders  of  lives  inconceivably  not  among  nor without us continuing  beyond

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