Christophe Casamassima





                viscous poise on the horizon : a plague upon both your wrists . they threw hands , the face slept , no one eye closed . lucidity , therefore &c . then the other .












                silent memory of impositions . needs , the slenderest hand brought through a door , displacement of skin during the body : as cold were enough to subdue .












                the lungs away , far yet threefold . not the eyes but hands , a go long silence , a landing : if they are not working they are doing something else . turns , not as they used to , anymore . some gesture of skin .












                a grin bares a hiss of distress , hum dies with it , more so in the eyes (torn) . awakened & awkward torque the breath . when it moves then is implicated , clouding now see the endless conclusion of themselves . save distance .












                to the extent : one cannot support the other can there be sleep . the dream gets away with what the body &c . a tongue waking . outside midnight passed though dawn , children (yes , suppose they dream) .












                day lit sky is a perpetual nightmare . anything in it & appears further . of fingers pressed tip to palm to infinity . clouds knit / taken : away , something always some sky color .












                to look back an other side of . incidence no less decreased , heightened in other directions . & grass that keeps the breath out of limbs (looms cold but struck , in arrears) . trap again , again ; again : a rouse for light-without-incident . breathe , claim this . above . no less .












                children have eyes (stir & they diminish) . a body anticipates ; pavement does not fix . shadows fall until shadow . tucked away thinking tomorrow--some fixture dangerous things asleep or awaken--a widow .












                beds espouse : the climate acts much like radar , a faulty caress . hope means something must happen . a you -- a me . no one dies on a thursday &c .












                to indicate ritual their breath cannot equal their length . only the ego has suffered the body , crosses the avenue fumbling glass . something must eventually give or find its way in . art department sounds like antidepressant .












                each demand an interpretation-alternate : to list . they've two eyes . perception : listing . reduce virtually . resistance : one stance precludes another's awareness .












                become thirsty , someone--spelled 'you' , a halo upon a kitchen thinks (cymbals) in concrete . to act is pre-form . at the shore : let go the balcony , the evidence is subject . how you remain .












                the eyes (stop) : you disassemble when a bell rings . the beginning--currencies are human factors , despite the rhetoric (fingers dipped in water &c) ; the word disappears among the milieu , disperse to every letter a one--an other .












                to pay homage to something in the visible . your frankness is never private , therefore skeletal . provoke the rungs by framing the color--if the night left open . you're too cloudy for--a particular thing unsaid & says ; me , spelled in fingernails .












                return them to their homes . children leave behind trace & incubate . before diminution , startling the text they leave upon its face . if it were to end here : which one is this ? the last ?












                is--gone , atonement for the vagaries of direction . sea and field , in the placement of these lungs , even hearing . even .












                the grammar of &c : at the commas you are glorified , but this long sentence . they sleep back to back . four ways of saying five--that is , one remembers--the blood , encumbered . trading lust for lucidity one comes full circle .












                morning slips a few more . why minutes are not called firsts . already the sky is infinite : this is an affliction of taste only . me--that is your fault--this metaphor .












                a mask , filled perfumes & scented flowers--a thing to be enumerated , things equal to equal . the air makes breath at intervals . it remains cold ; then lend it to oblivion .












                sunlight phrases the array of color on the palette , seasick when the trees pause through , lull zeros--in its center , cannot be pained away . it is a sin to open the eyes with crooked lips .












                this is its sound of fingers : reduce by reducing . though holes in blinds &c : starched optimistic . you can only admire this from the corners--trouble with its rapidity of sight & distance , part nearly nothing .












                between skin & sanctity . children's lips are servant to what support & what it fills completely . two is woeful but three disregards , an extent of provocation while you stir & know that is morning . anthology is not a field of flowers . what is given and degrees of giving .












                there is nothing between it . cells : that is its soft dynamic object . (not yet a feel .) points converge at once & rising . iris as gift from the past tense . relax .












                a press if static slept on . thursday & autumn : descent , or that which is surrendered . what relics , what embers of august mouths . the distinction is , still visible in this . the length of it .




Christophe Casamassima was educated at Eugene Lang College at the New School for Social Research and picked up a BA in creative writing. He released a chapbook entitled mov/ement[s] last October through Furniture_Press. He is currently working on Psstcards and also completing the first issue of Ambit, a journal of the poetries of Baltimore City. His basic wisdom of poetry: the word is active and ever evolving; my work creates the question and begins a dialogue with the reader, who is encouraged to continue the practice of questioning by writing his/her own texts -- no meaning but in how --

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