Scott Helmes


Ars Poetica:

My poetry is concerned with stretching the limits of language, exploring the multifaceted concepts of meaning, and encompassing all manners of reading. It also explores the concepts of typography, printing methods, and letter forms within the modern meaning of communication. The extension beyond the oral traditions of poetry is accomplished by a variety of techniques and materials: rubberstamps, stencils, typography manipulation, and xerox/collage forms. The viewer is intended to become an active participant in the 'reading' of the work, infusing their intellectual and emotional readings along with my authorship.


Scott Helmes' recent books include 3 Visual Poets: Ernst, Helmes, Rosenberg and Thought Bubbles (Helmes and K.S. Ernst). He has been published in over 80 magazines in 17 countries, including such publications as Paris Review, White Walls, Against Infinity Anthology, WestEast Anthology, Minnesota Monthly, The Midwest Quarterly, Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes 2nd Ed., xtant, and fugue. His work has been collected in numerous museums, including Museum of Modern Art-New York, Victoria & Albery Museum-London, Biblioteque Nationale de France-Paris, Museum for Kunsthandwerk-Frankfurt, Museum of Contempory Art-Chicago, Yale University, Harvard University, Brown University, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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