Rachel Moritz



"Baby Shower"

This poem is from a manuscript, The Arrival Series, which is largely concerned with liminal space--arrivals and hoverings below the surface and outside of lived time. With "Baby Shower," I wanted to explore the nuances of this loaded social phenomenon by turning the details back against themselves and connecting them to a sense of the odd temporal positioning of the event.

"Rent and Punctuation"

This poem is part of a series about house interiors. I was contemplating the brackets within the "Symbol" choices in Microsoft Word and thinking about the house as a bracket of human life. Human life as defined by time; house as containing time; punctuation as edging in language. Also, how what frames and contains will never touch the "now" of the moment.





Navy-blue anchors making

the white cotton washable just
male enough-"

How sweet"

while our anchors drop
rusted and long-

gone into some little depth



Landlocked in present
tense, the women liking to larder
their words

"You'll be busy enough

Blue fleece going




Internal edits--

Say, "woolen baby sweater looking sweet

enough to eat," not
the difference between "has eaten" and "ate"

"has been born" and "birthed"



Our eating a parody
of waiting--

Powder blue cake flowers chosen
over pink

Women lower their glinting forks:

"Do you expect me to finish




Internal dislocating--

Swimming elbow soon to be
the anchored





Rent and Punctuation

As in, the house carving a moat in its block

and calling this a geological bracket

As in, the kitchen table splitting itself, each

have forming one              [

How we might see ourselves inside this house

                                       Carving or splitting]










"I even condone the mantel clock:"

     The house writing itself a letter, white
     face apprehending

"pallid imitation of the moon"

     metallic framing










"Now is now" as anthem inside
the house

"You can change the date and time
on the thermostat"

Moonlight bracketing each
parallel wall


not converging as

containing "now"



Rachel Moritz has work appearing, or forthcoming, in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Controlled Burn, and Poetry Motel, among others.

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