• Coco Owen
  • Cleaved

Thought-possessed—a headmistress—, I dismissed

body as inert e art h, & body receded, in a monumental,

Continental d rift. My body-body & body of th ought

cleaved where tectonic vertebrae once scre wed me


— to get her. —


Be cause: my parents inserted God’s Word where bawdy

feelings would have been: trans muted flesh became Word.

The neck’s juncture was a g aping, synaptic cleft of im pulse,

intention & desire neuro transmissions. At tempting to


— b reach —


the shorted circuits, I was be reft: having no body

reflexes or parasympathy. This was a riff rift

r ending w hole ness into f rag mental shard.

Ram Dass said, Be here now. I said, Where’s here?


— Th oughts —


wreathed & reamed me. I thought a lot a bout them

while so self-div id ed. I felt a b oddity. If sin

entered when Eve bit the fruit, God is at fault for giving

wo men any appetite to war d a Fall. But they would


— be reft, —


minds beholding phantom he arts, limbs & clits,

trying to re verse their lost integrity with a parody


— body-of-th ought —


  • Coco Owen
  • X O X O

Cerebral c or tex r uns the bi nary c ode ma king

my hu man he art s peak in Xs and Os.

No t in ones and n aughts, no t

that either/or g am e w her ein p irate s

s laughter each ot her; w he rein X means

treasure and O offers per man ent surprise.

I h id my Génie

in a Christ mas Carol, t he n mad e

more son g of my self,

ad opt ing the nickn am e Coco. It

was given to me by a lad y poet w ho left me.

N ow Coco us es a back channel (a b lack Chanel)

to pull of f an alpha bet k is ses and h ugs—

w her e X equals C,

and it’s an O for an O.

  • Coco Owen
  • Netted

All the strings {nets-skeins-neurons-laces-yarns}

I hold on to are fasteners {rivets-brads-brackets}

embedded in me & strung {hanging-glowing-buzzing}

everywhere, making me wonder if

it’s a disease {neurosis psychosis hallucination}

to feel this fenced in {detained-enclosed-secluded}.

Worse, am I tied {handcuffed-wired} to

a short fuse? A dynamite proprioception!

Picture innards {muscles-tendons-ligaments},

then more and more and more guy wires

as thin disguise {fishnet-slips-veils}.

I’m stranded with this hair-line fractured anatomy:

a structure too delicate for words, crystalline

as complex molecules. Worse, I’m clasping

at tendrils: the lattice {ribbing-skeletal-scaffolding}

structuring me. Indra’s net fishes me up with cat-gut

harp {piano-guitar-violin} strings. It’s a branching

joinery {filigree-filaments} traducing the sensations

I mine for information {entrainment-entertainment}.

My form of thought follows these tangles of

ganglia {trellises-traceries} stringing me up & along.