Melissa Eleftherion
sea cave in dandelion stomata
Melissa Eleftherion
pretend I am a species
Melissa Eleftherion
this is not my beautiful lunch break
Inlet of species despair
I armor up an ecological unit
Survival in a care profession
My discreteness controversial
Ancient city of sex organs
Sacred phenols & life among
the killing plates
Dialogue among the vespers
Good morning test tube baby
Good evening its not a tuber
We did go tubing once thrill
Of death in the snow
Remember a nest a slaughterhouse
How to trust in domestic spheres
Tendon and ribald
Dream in outcomes or outhouses
Pia or pituitary
Melissa Eleftherion
Seven of Wands Reversed /Customer Service Representative
Practice suffering & self-care
Childhood wound laughs

Hello daggers on my face
Good morning

Sunflower & lion

Little by little I’m uplifting
Fuck a day job

Golden crotch armor
The petals in a
Burst of pentacles

My bleeds are Under the bed

Take this wand
& sing