Cordelia Belton
corn exchanged
need hire no mugwort consultants.
snail grind corn blotch
hall owed your markets
we bottld the colour & offd the phoenician—
I am transparent though uncharismatic.
Cordelia Belton
would you grant a nap to
[] who are getting phone calls:
[]r dreams of getting usured
were broaching cullis walls?

i think you'll never guess
whose steps accrewe more tort;
against whom piled the letters;
no counter sign; accited ;

grith, grith, grith
as if [] could be banished
we're always in your corner
and i say this with no relish.

hey, now, bud
you know this was all pro forma
it's not me even speaking
we just do this once a year

(i see now
that you just expected paintings!
you must know
we got few fulfillèd pledges
so we do this once a year.)
Cordelia Belton
real leisure
grosso modo you have hardly one new want;
they mentioned breaktime to no general alarm.
bmp bmp bmp bmp bmp
i kept carousing and all my maps were gone:
i saw tinsel and my dream publishing job.

email goes like 'It's the Big Annual
Meeting and My Firm Needs Me
and My Boss Wants Me and
Besides I've Got Three Dogs'.
cam you imagine
the impact and the dogs??

right after this one ends
i'm moving back to scotland
my favourite village scotland
to be with my favourite villagers
and acquire all the jobs
and i'll have jacuzzis in the cottages
bubble bathèd cottages
and the impactfullest new jobs
and hardly any wastage now
no hookups in the carriagehouse
and be digging holes as jobs
i've got newer turnips cottages
special green water can cottages
barn raising is my job