Stephen Bett
Runnin’ in the Gaps
Well my steady little DOLL is a real-LIVE beauty
And everybody knows she’s a Car Crazy Cutie

Wo oh oh oh yeah (Run a-run a doo run run)

Nailed a doll’s space       Hailed a meth cab for cutie’s place

In·finit·es·i·mal aces    (cover bases     (leave no traces

Two-side sheet a’ paper
Pet sounds cordUroy squawker
Twin odor toe·baccy + mouth (yum’eye)
Married by infra·SIN !

Take her to the DRAGS, man, and everyone flips
... big blue eyes and her candy apple lips
... man, talk of lovin’ some kisses and hugs
he’s like to take ’em clean and gap the plugs

Wo yeah (Run a-run a doo run run)

Rrmm ... Rrmm ...

Well plug mah gapin’ mouth
(pull my daisy, cootie’s no crazy)

Gonna fill my GAP and comb my hair
crank ’er doll case up yr back stair

Pluck’it!       ... you better run, girl
You’re much too
rung, girl
Such a bung, gurl
Ah’m just a sap in disguise

Dis non·union yap gap
aint got no slap 1
1Beach Boys, “Car Crazy Cutie”; The Kinks, “I gotta Move”; Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, “Young Girl”; “infinitesimal spaces... married by infrathin,” etc. (Duchamp bio)
Stephen Bett
Ba Ba Ba (rockin’ & a-rollin’)
Ba ba ba, ba Barber San
You got me rockin’ and a-rollin’

Fillin’ an infra gap combover doo
good enuf for you, foo

Tried Peggy Sue...        Tried Betty Lou
                         Tried Merry lil’ Roo
we knew they wouldn’t do

There’s a crew in the loo

talk abt that North Oirish upper palate all-action (hoho):

Lamaded te tair-tree chensus
Never get it straight that rate, mate

Whoa —          Stop tape an’other sec
we aint Peggy Sue (never wuz)
no matta how coo at the loo

Buddy’s —          no’ some uⱭDer mutt’s Boo
tha’s miЯRor’s Foo-Foo or us, innit?

It’s your party, cry if you want to
we’s all been gored by now (anyhow)
these fake times do rue

Gored, goo’d & glued          woo-woo’d
gooey t’ dewy           Louie Lou-eyed
we’m cross-eyed slo-mo softie-pie’d
bran’ name cooties         -tivio, -bibio
(goo-goo on you’io)

Sho’nuff sounds like wiz ready for
Big Pharma Boomer Dump
Far·xiga (hey, too far out!)
Ja®·d(I)ance —    you are the dance
right thru zone-out 1
1Beach Boys, “Barbara Ann”; Lesley Gore, “It’s My Party”; Northern Irish Spurs’ football podcaster complaining that Tottenham forwards were “limited to two or three chances” (doink)
Stephen Bett
What you do to me
Oh, What you do to me
Oh, What you do to me little
gal pal (…oops)
Oh, Have another hit of swEEt air
… another hit of Fresh Air

Fave song no so sweet ’n fresh
anymore, she rued

Oh, Have another hit of sweet Bitis Q’lumbia Sunshine
Oh, Have another hit
(Piano Solo…)

Fan’tassy Gaarden World
— a·Muse·ment park —
no Sole Mio there’io

This bill’s been flesh-minted
new combover doo, brite OR’ange
birth’d (& sue’d) Orangutan Mom

It’s the sizzle not the steak, Cupcake
(da bomb in bombastic)

And that’s enuf beef for you
bully bouillon boog-a-Boo 1
1Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Fresh Air”; & remembering the narcissistic, moronic, far-right British Columbia Premier (& “entrepreneur,” ahem) Bill (“the sizzle not the steak”) Vander Zalm’s buffoonish pronunciation of his oft-embarrassed political fiefdom’s provincial name; Bill Maher (unsucessfully) sued for claiming Donald Trump’s mother was an orangutan (fun fact)