Heller Levinson
lash undulate

whisk shimmer

drive ambulant

disk dipteral rollout omnibus ferry

-- egress in spades –

-- defenestrate burble –

▄ blubber blot

▄ ignition trot


the implicate order



initially there was not much


in the slosh of a regenerative undulate

festoon sanction charismatic dandelion spry fig runaway pentagram illustrious fevers

coming to term follicle blush

reticulate reversals

tang tendentious/

rub omissions lively whistle clarion fly lure tambourine upheaveling torrefy combustionstrung jang-

ling so


gravity lops

Heller Levinson




glottal flax

/in-spirit a verbose porosity

glazed with liquidity tangling through


tentacular leech

Heller Levinson
custodial branch fern elfin

spray dolphin foil sprig lightly curb

soft temperate limb ardent arboreal

swab churn steadfast crank gainly

insane ly

rain forest iceberg rubupon voodoo void   clar-

ion spell

feather feint frolic sprite gear go gruff go yew go cypress surplus & dearth buffalo

roam hamstrung wooly scruff trilltrolleylamb   l  o o  m

lurch omniscient

like tinder

like wildebeest

like clairvoyant harmonica

as as as whereupon

dewey decimal rockabilly tom tom teardrop twirk eiderdown bellyup compose

afterlifes signature mayhem probability flair

-- you are here, go away –

tundra shuffle groove resourceful spew mycorrhizal moonshine stray



Heller Levinson
rum rut rimfire allegory fest

sangria gland skirt twerk tambourine

tilt obbligato Desdemona hairpin twin

volley fork flask firefly fistfall

gall bladder


early comeuppance triggers the flame

gin trolley berserk train rally replay


dollar crash