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Thomas Fink



"'Yinglish Strophes V' is part of a series of poems that investigates the felicities of signification arising from how those who spoke Yiddish before they learned English transport Yiddish syntax to their new language. However, in these poems, I'm trying to disrupt linear narration or meditation traditionally associated with such 'immigrant' literary representation. The term 'Yinglish' was coined by Leo J. Rosten, author of various books on Yiddish and Yinglish."


Yinglish Strophes V


My aunt and me, smuggled

there away.
Now I knew
what was afraid.

Behind, my poor mother
couldn't from pogrom, the czar.
Do you stop ever eating?

Driving on a movie
is terrible dangerous--
the engine meshugge fast
chasing a silly laugh.
Such an impression
through the young.

And this they call demographics:
to throw down a stop-sign.
I don't touch there nothing.
Injured steel, plastic,
of course not bones
and bloody you seeing yet.
I wouldn't waste my vision on 'em.




Frowzy Cabal Roving For

far pardon. At rage center, Pyrrhic
rock fruition. Prime fief:
festering cave. Pity commands.
Rift of reins.
A nation frowns. Our own,

rendered alien. Offered only

opportunity of

cleaving or out.
Flunking politics, fed
pittance. Petition
no pimp of conscience for cup,
fiddle, or added regard.




Strained Against Roast Concrete,

saliva graffiti. Liquid wages, sky passing by. Proverbs pissing flamboyant
heat. Don't let bullet do
the thinking, thumbnail, nor puppet show
decor. Any more
than imperialist marijuana or some
winsome Society
for Ice Cream Flood
occupying solo

your meta-trope

coop. Bees sweat. Orthodox

cheekbones jitterbug for
an iron blood
weaver. I stood the school,
made of ocean
and gift. Under and over parlor
cop bounds,
auditorium whispering satin, opera
firecrackers. Or enduring satisfaction.






Thomas Fink is the author of Gossip: A Book of Poems (Marsh Hawk Press, 2001), Surprise Visit (poems, Domestic Press,1993), "A Different Sense of Power": Problems of Community in Late-Twentieth-Century U.S. Poetry (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2001), and The Poetry of David Shapiro (FDUP, 1993). His work has been published in Talisman, Verse, Jacket, American Letters & Commentary, Lit, Sidereality, La Petite Zine, Skanky Possum, Milk, Barrow Street, Phoebe, x-Stream, Aught, Contemporary Literature, American Poetry Review, American Book Review, Boston Review, Shampoo, Moria, Poethia, Rain Taxi, and numerous other e-zines and journals.



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