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Amy King

Poetics statement ("I hope to"):

  • Graph the overlap of words to things, how they make and mask "correctness" and its lack--

  • Poke holes in and draw ink bridges over the treasure maps of ideas and concepts as 'not-things'--

  • Powerpoint the displacing effect of naming as though we each look outward, command centers bent on calling others "others", reserving "self" for pocket values--

  • In Sovereign Nations, Carnal States, Kam Shapiro says of Nietzsche, " he describes perception as a series of metaphors. Not only consciousness but experience in all its forms involves 'lying,' that is, metaphor or condensation 'This same compulsion exists in the sense activities that support reason--by simplification, coarsening, emphasizing, and elaborating, upon which all recognition, all ability to make oneself intelligible rests.' Furthermore, these different registers interpenetrate; the habits of one register influence those of another. Nietzsche thus describes the body as a set of overlapping forces out of which emerges a highly conditioned regularity Stable compositions signify not equilibrium but tension and inequality among different quanta [36-37].

    Snip and slash our quantified cloaks, our sleek rain slickers, until beneath such repellants, light-breathing skin sweats & reaches, unbound & anxious-forgotten bones interlace with human fingers seeking hopeful illogicality-blank balance fades, giving way to shifting favor and readerly revisions in unfixed durations.


The Lava Thesaurus


My heart ends on the conclusion
of a third-degree narrative, or one
body holds above this compass pot,
lurching hot. Does honesty know
the genre of the spoken? You were
asked to move, mobile person. Stare
elsewhere, poppy man. Vision layered
in cassock and mildew roots penetrates
a stone's interior. Retreat to mountains
on their sides, rotating into boulders--
Your hand-sewn sack nudges in
predictable fashion; its rocky contents
pour a fluid swarm upon the ground's
inhabitants. My properties say, Give
it up, mapmaker. I am cocooned in
just one manuscript's architecture by
which to work the symbiotic passing.




Stealing Intermission

Idle paradise distills behind the curtain.
Where no paradise occurs, we stand in
the bar of cuban-rolled incense. In
the remains, ashes conspire. They
line the aisles in necessary boots of
a nation cut off by distance in weather,
a sheet of rain as our slivered disguise.
A smudge clings to soles of sequestered
citizens in strangulated nights, smuggling
forth remnants of godmatter in custody.
The tabletop could not be more real.
More than reel repeating.
No ancient beetle reveals the hieroglyphs
of tomorrow's promised land. I go back
to first clues instead of onward bound
for the straw-colored evening sun. I do
not discount but cannot unhand the deed
while returning incompletely.






Amy King's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Riding the Meridian, Spork Magazine, Muse Apprentice Guild, Tarpaulin Sky and Unarmed: Adventurous Poetry Journal. Her ebook, The Citizen's Dilemma, is available at Duration Press. Amy currently teaches English at Nassau Community College. Please visit her website at



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