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Anita Naegeli


Notes on "Autobiography On Red"

Is there such a thing as poetry without words? If the answer is yes, what does it look or sound like? Sure, I consider myself a poet, a maker of verse, but once in a while, I feel the need to leave words behind me. This is usually not a conscious decision at all. It is much more the result of coincidences that happen to emerge from the words I am quarreling with at that very moment. "Autobiography on Red" is such a "poetic accident."

I remember that I was working on an autobiographical poem, but I didn't seem able to put into words what I wanted to express. Staring at a page filled with words, I suddenly was drawn to single letters blurring together with others, forming various shapes. I started filling out those shapes with my pen, undoing my words. This was the first step.

I want [readers] to find their way into a piece and let them create their own understanding and vision. This is what I see as the give and take between the writer and reader, a communication with the poem in between.


Autobiography on Red








Anita Naegeli, a writer and artist, received her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre. She is an associate poetry editor for LIT magazine. Her work is forthcoming in Good Foot and The Styles. Anita lives and works in New York City.



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