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Derek White



Both "Yellow Rosa Cirq[incision]" and "My Gallo Comb Balanced" are predominantly rural travel impressions. "Saya Makin Angin" means "I am eating air" in Bahasa Indonesian and is commonly used as a response to "where are you going?"

"My Gallo Comb Balanced" is based on a failed climbing trip I took to Pico de Orizaba near Mexico City. I got altitude sickness and a taxi driver with a mole like a cock wattle (who subsequently took on an additional 19 passengers) told me to stick a river stone in my armpit as a cure. The text is inscribed over a picture I took of the door of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

"Yellow Rosa Cirq[incision]" is obviously based on Texas and my juvenile fascination with its somewhat arbitrary shape on a map. The first woman I remember naked was a stout Mexican woman named Rosa with hair on her thighs. Most of my experience with Texas is based on passing through it--hence my preconceptions and misunderstandings are banished outside of the borders. I did visit the Alamo, but didn't understand what's to remember outside the shame of hypocrisy.

The farming process for me is rarely linear, but usually starts with an image or set of animals or concepts and how they relate to each other. The mining process is by definition preceded by exploration.


Yellow Rosa Cirq[incision]










Gallo Comb Balanced








Derek White's work has appeared or is forthcoming in the likes of Elimae, Aught, DIAGRAM, Sendecki, perspektive, Café Irreal and Snow Monkey. His chapbook of visual poems, Mining in the Black Hills, is available from Calamari Press. He currently works as a producer/writer for Napster in NYC.



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