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Michael Peters


Comfortable Bubbles






Michael Peters' poetry, fiction, visual poetry, and theory have appeared in Spinning Jenny, Rhino, Lungfull, Word For/Word, Lost and Found Times, North of South, Sweet Portable You, World Letter, Badaboom Gramophone, Posted, Castagraf, 5'9" Assembling, Davinio Art Electronics, Generator Press, and Xtant. Visual poetic works have appeared in numerous gallery exhibits, including: The Art Academy of Cincinnati's 02txt Exhibit, the OSEAO gallery in Seattle (in conjunction with Seattle Poetry Festival 2002), the Ohio State University's "American Avant-Garde, Second Wave" Exhibit, and the Wordseen Exhibit at the Diana Lowenstein gallery in Miami, Florida. Visual works and limited edition books can be found in The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Printed Matter in New York City, and The Ohio State University Special Collections/Avant-Garde Library.

As an assistant to the composer Petr Kotik (SEM Ensemble) in New York City from 1992 to 1999, Peters was introduced to the polyartist Richard Kostelanetz. Collaborating with Kostelanetz, Peters designed two books of visual poetry and contributed several entries to his Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes. In June of 2001, Peters attended what would become an important three-week residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, which was convened under Kostelanetz, wherein he was introduced to John M. Bennett, Scott Helmes, and Kathy Ernst. In mid-September 2001 at Wolverhampton University (UK), Peters presented a paper at the No Future Conference, titled: "Absence and Psychogeography in the Dawn of the Trickster." And in July 2002, as a participant in the Avant-Garde Symposium that was held at The Ohio State University's Special Collections/Avant-Garde, Peters presented a conceptual treatise: "Wholesale Form; an Attack on the Corporate Form with Text and Sound."

Also a musician, most notably in Poem Rocket, Peters has released recordings on numerous independent labels, most recently, Atavistic--the experimental, Chicago-based avant-jazz & rock label. He is also a member of the Be Blank Consort-with a CD available through Luna Bisonte Prods. Peters is still working on a large poem with uninflected chapters as well as completing new material for another Poem Rocket release in addition to conducting preliminary research for a biography on the French architect Fleury Colon. Among other projects, Peters is serving as contributing editor for the next issue of Xtant.



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