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issue 6: summer 2004
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Jenna Cardinale






Verse 19, 3 / 20, 1


Migratory birds leave
The leaves continue

Bucket of Pink
The limits of bowling

A tune like iron
All the cakes

You help unwrap this




The Manhattan Review 10, 2

Caressed the honor, the boy
who showed up. I have to
remove my clothes to stare
and finger. A body
chooses to be heavier
than a mosquito.

Be as hungry as I
am, a half moon
embracing. Ocean
silently violated.




The New York Quarterly 59

I could win
a wet
t-shirt- A bottle
of California-

I tremble beneath
frilly- Four fingers
in- Others entering
through- An excuse
for constant-




lyric 3

In my pocket
is one. It makes me
want. The river invades

tired roundness. Clamor on
the balcony. Grayer than
the driven, a slot machine's





Octopus 1

The loveseat is silently
devouring, decorated
with vulgar. Measure
and measure now
bottles multiplying. Walk
in on them, turnpike dropping




Diner 2, 2

She was out
of food, the oval
laundries. Nothing to do

but talk. A piece of her
fell. She's leaving
for a man.





Selections from Jenna Cardinale's Journals series have appeared in Milk Magazine , 6 x 6 and Octopus. New work will appear in PomPom. She lives in the Bronx, where she teaches poetry to the K-6 crowd.

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