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issue 6: summer 2004
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Alison Eastley







Gilgamesh is a hero - more beautiful, more courageous, more terrifying than the rest of us

A huluppa tree had been planted on the banks of the Euphrates
which is okay if you understand botany, distant locations

or even the prehistoric culture of dress codes because Gilgamesh
only wore animal skins which makes him sound eccentric

the way the flesh of the gods resided in his body and his face
was the face of one long journey followed by another.

It wasn't simple like tripping or waiting for the next day when he
could decipher unintelligible dreams. They had to have esoteric

meaning but all Gilgamesh would say was we must treasure
our dreams whatever the terror. He never mentioned what frightened

him or if he suffered nightmares as a child, waking in a cold
clammy bed which is understandable if his insides writhed with gods

lending delusional wings otherwise his wife would never
have had to say I need to touch this man to wake him.





Alison Eastley's work has been published in Snow Monkey, Tryst, 42 Opus, Taint, The Adirondack Review and other fine journals.

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