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issue 6: summer 2004
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Vernon Frazer






Borrowed Cool

the flan elan
Vic Tory's a principle

gel fabric softeners
Martha their way to the yard

with Oprah's Franzen chorus
as Frank Sinatra's L.A. ghost
where the Jersey Coast brewed
Spring teens and all their chorus

a Jackson in your house
moonwalking parapets as leisure
the company I

Keep Rona's
I get them all
the time




               Enduring Endearment

The obstinate ostinato
clatters brashly, a verbal streak

       across dawn's slow ripple.
       Not even the obligato sets at dusk.

The intended overture

       tapestries against fenestral wings


                               .    No purple sunsets.
                                    Azure splashing nectar swirls

                                              away the desperate fenestral lapping

the wish of sudden wings
tacked to the crescendo rendered distant
on an urgent breeze,

            beyond touch
                  beyond water
                                                 beyond music:

                                                             strident, its intended
                                                             lapidary pulse still


                                                                                near her






Vernon Frazer is the Creative Writing Editor of Tin Lustre Mobile and the author of eight books of poetry and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami Sun Post, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream, the Tin Lustre Mobile and many other literary magazines.

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