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issue 6: summer 2004
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Andrew Nightingale






from Songs for the Appetite




food animals -- if he is the Same, he will be filled
with light conditions -- suffering
I lack nothing. This was
what he thought in his heart. trauma.

cattle                2.315
sheep             18.040
pigs                14.221
broilers         723.000

Medicines appropriated to the heart

Jesus said: A man in the abattoir
A man -- dying of neglect: with a Bullock's heart
He said: I will use
my money




Jesus said: [The foxes]
irrational and perpetuated

the fox will become man. Trapping
distinct English madness
and pure
self-mutilation and
pure melancholy and tumours,
and cannibalism
and what diet should we observe?

Jesus said: [The foxes] His enemy
came by night

you devoured the dead,
I have measured out lethal injection
give alms do
evil by gassing do
evil to your spirits
I shall omit steel-jawed the father

Jesus said: [The foxes]
pursue instincts




Take of Mallows, Violets, Pellitory, Beets

hoof and horn
I found them nervous, product of their rearing
skins, hair, bristle, feathers
I found pain

Take Myrobalans, Chebs and Inds

Jesus said: you take off your clothes
toiletries fall into the pit. Jesus said:
It is not possible
Blood is made
hair is removed
hooves and horns

Take of Senna              Take of Raisins

boiled up and manufactured
by force goods produced
(removing the skin)
tanneries received the keys
to commercially-valuable Knowledge

A vine has been planted
parasites hate the tree
abstain. and be destroyed.

Take of Agrimony, Mugwort, wild Angelica



Sources: Culpeper's Complete Herbal, The Animal Free Shopper, The Gospel according to Thomas.




Andrew Nightingale's work has previously been published in a number of UK small press magazines such as Orbis, Manifold, and Staple, as well as in ezines such as Stride, Alterran Poetry Assemblage and Sidereality. A selection of links to his work is available at http://www.hermegasmica.org.uk/default.php

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