// Betsy Fagin



was flat


lots of parking for impatience, right away!
ripped off the shirt of boring. keep it alive!

discouragement bears down around competence
fortunate for forgiveness. for drug memory, blown out

turmoil memory. the familial spine of what’s left:
brittle books, infant bones, shattered. bound together

long cellulous cords are the webs of me. webs speak,
further concerns. you are what you named. left out

like you’ve weathered, chord change. chord
change came to life, strummed sweet. ragged.

downfall the machine age, information age.
all this hermetically sealed into the cool dark.








number one nation (#1!)


Gift I meaning. Filled with our lives.
Our worthwhile. Are we focus, practice.
Fear reducing. Crime reducing. We survival
Each other in interest. We theory exchange.
Today I would like to buy everyone’s breakfast.

Condemning this and that. Suspicious, quite.
Are people traffic tickets? Their phone bills' calling?
Rein in the umbrellas. Out-hand them!
I when illness mental. I when office workered,
Chip-implanted. Better luck had women.

This is how wary they were,
Conscious of children’s security.
Toys to homeless for lack of food,
A neighborhood of clinging papers. Sell it
To strangers, the kindness of a number one nation.



Betsy Fagin
is the author of a number of chapbooks, most recently, for every solution there is a problem (Open 24 Hours, 2003). Her poems have appeared in a number of journals including Fence, the World, Five Fingers Review, POM2, Skanky Possum and Van Gogh's Ear . Recent work is forthcoming in dusie.

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