// August Highland



Incremental Direct-Manuscript Array - Sequence III
(featured at "ZINO Contemporary" in Santa Fe)









Transition-Maximized Acceleration - Sequence II
(featured at "ZINO Contemporary" in Sante Fe)






Notes (from “The Visual Manuscripts of August Highland,” by Harry Polkinhorn): "‘Text’ derives from the Latin ‘texere,’ to weave. The columns and rows of letters and words form a textured field of meaning in the creation of a uniquely human cultural object, just as the warp and woof threads of a textile form a uniquely human object for the enhancement of our physical life. Highland's work, for all its technical innovation, maintains many links with ancient cultures. Illuminated manuscripts were hand-painted texts suffused with the beauty of form and color as translated into the physical world by the human hand, which forms a prototype context for Highland's contemporary illuminations."



The literary-visual work of August Highland has been called "Alphanumeric Painting", "Interpoetry" and "Genre-Splicing". All compositional elements in his visual work are text, and are derived from his literary work. Highland's work is being exhibited internationally online and offline. He is represented in Santa Fe, New Mexico by ZINO Contemporary and in Los Angeles, California by Sylvia White. Highland is also the publisher of the MAG which is an international literary journal with co-editors in over 40 countries.

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