// Stan Mir



The Miraculous
Draught of Fishes


Peter, feet half-weight
in the sea, swims.

Miraculous, ordinary.
Paint only stilettos
what’s true: reach.

That mirror can test each
unaware. The test paints
you as a boat. Filled.

You afloat. You amorphic
disaster. The kingpin cast
as fish. Prevent this
sink I feel.


Silent, silent
army, still
& glass, it’s
over, weight
of cheek, fish
gill, wing

behooked no
it’s over

I would pull
any of them
with me if
He asked to




First light then
disaster the old
ones say in the
beginning it was
light then swim
to disaster then
light after



Stan Mir's
poems have appeared, or they are forthcoming, in Colorado Review, eratio, Free Verse, Meanjin, and Typo. He lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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