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Michael Basinski is The Curator of The Poetry Collection State University of New York at Buffalo. He performs his work as a solo poet and in ensemble with the EBMA and his own group, BuffFluxus. Among his many books of poetry are Heka (Factory School); Strange Things Begin to Happen When a Meteor Crashes in the Arizona Desert (Burning Press); The Idyllic Book (Michel Letko, Houston, Texas); Mool, Mool3Ghosts and Shards of Shampoo (Bob Cobbing's Writers Forum); Cnyttan and Heebie-Jeebies (Meow Press); By and The Doors (House Press); Un-Nome, Red Rain Two, Abzu and Flight to the Moon (Run Away Spoon Press); Poemeserss (Structum Press) and many more. Some are available at Small Press Distribution.


David Berridge lives in Wiltshire, England. Recent projects include floor-poems, hosting haiku parties, and two sequences, in Fire and Island magazines. He is currently writing a PhD on the ways poets have responded to and utilised natural history and ecology, looking particularly at the poetry of Lorine Niedecker, Ronald Johnson, and Jonathan Williams. A further sequence, 14 for Joseph , is forthcoming at Greenmuseum.org as part of their Legacy of Beuys exhibition.


Avery E. D. Burns is the author of The Idler Wheel . His book aethers is forthcoming.  He runs the Canessa Park Reading Series in San Francisco. Other selections from A Dueling Primer also appeared as a chapbook from 2nd Story.


Julie Choffel is completing her MFA in poetry at Umass-Amherst. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Many Mountains Moving, Four Corners, and POOL: A Journal of Poetry.


Bruce Covey is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University and author of three collections of poetry — The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, Ten Pins, Ten Frames, and the forthcoming Glass Is Really a Liquid — all from Front Room Publishers. His work also appears or is forthcoming in 26, Jacket, Explosive Magazine, Shampoo, MiPo, Pool, can we have our ball back, puppyflowers, CrossConnect, Big Bridge, Aught, La Petite Zine, GutCult, and other journals.


John Crouse's books Headlines and Lapses are available online at OBooks.com.


Alethea Eason's poetry, fiction and visual art have appeared in many print and online magazines and in anthologies. She has recently published the chapbook Threshold (Meeting of the Minds Press, 2004). Her novel Deborah's Choice is forthcoming from HarperCollins. Her work is guided by the belief that any art has the power to heal.


Betsy Fagin is the author of a number of chapbooks, most recently, for every solution there is a problem (Open 24 Hours, 2003). Her poems have appeared in a number of journals including Fence, the World, Five Fingers Review, POM2, Skanky Possum and Van Gogh's Ear . Recent work is forthcoming in dusie.


Annalynn Hammond's first book, Dirty Birth, won Sundress Publications' First Annual Book Contest. A group of her poems also won the 2004 Marc Penka Poetry Award. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in: Can we have our ball back?, Diagram, Shampoo, Spork,Gargoyle, Failbetter, The Glut, Dicey Brown and elsewhere. She lives in Wisconsin.


Scott Helmes' books include 3 Visual Poets: Ernst, Helmes, Rosenberg and Thought Bubbles (Helmes and K.S. Ernst). He has been published in over 80 magazines in 17 countries, including such publications as Paris Review, White Walls, Against Infinity Anthology, WestEast Anthology, Minnesota Monthly, The Midwest Quarterly, Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes 2nd Ed., xtant, and fugue . His work has been collected in numerous museums, including Museum of Modern Art-New York, Victoria & Albery Museum-London, Biblioteque Nationale de France-Paris, Museum for Kunsthandwerk-Frankfurt, Museum of Contempory Art-Chicago, Yale University, Harvard University, Brown University, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


Tom Hibbard has written many reviews of contemporary writers and artists, some of which currently can be viewed online at Big Bridge, Sidereality, Poetic Inhalation, Milk, Jacket and elsewhere. A selection of his reviews was recently featured at Crag Hill's blog, Scorecard. He has also done some translating mostly from French Surrealism. Along with the current collection of poetry, Nonexistence , chapters from another recent collection, Gessom , can be tracked down online. Some earlier poetry collections are Delancey Street, Human Powers, Nocturnes, Songs of Divine Love, Enchanted Streets and Assembly.


The literary-visual work of August Highland has been called "Alphanumeric Painting", "Interpoetry" and "Genre-Splicing". All compositional elements in his visual work are text, and are derived from his literary work. Highland's work is being exhibited internationally online and offline. He is represented in Santa Fe, New Mexico by ZINO Contemporary and in Los Angeles, California by Sylvia White. Highland is also the publisher of the MAG which is an international literary journal with co-editors in over 40 countries.


Matthew Klane received an MA in poetics from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2003. He now lives and writes outside of Albany, NY.


Amy Kohut is an artist residing in Louisville Colorado.  She has published woodcut prints and poetry in Extremities , and has showed her art at Edge Gallery in Denver. Her work is featured as the cover art for the current issue of GutCult. More of her work will be published in the next edition of Unpleasant Event Schedule.


Jim Leftwich co-edits xtant , and is the author of Doubt (Potes & Poets), Dirt (Luna Bisonte), Virgule (Lingua Blanca) and Staceal 1 (Avantacular). From 1994 to 2000 he published the early mail-art zine Juxta and co-edited and Juxta Electronic.


Claire Lux is a founding editor of call: review. Her chapbook, Atelier, will appear in 2005 through A.Q.P. Collective.


Diana Magallón's poetry appears, or is forthcoming, in MAG , Shampoo, Tse-tsè, La Vanguardia, eratio, and te_a_tro.


Stan Mir's poems have appeared, or they are forthcoming, in Colorado Review, eratio, Free Verse, Meanjin, and Typo. He lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Michael Ruby's first book, At an Intersection , was published in 2002 by Alef Books in New York. His poems have been published, or are forthcoming, in the print journals Lungfull!, syllogism , Fell Swoop 's Brooklyn Stoop issue, Lost & Found Times, and The Torch ; and in e-zines xStream , Aught , Big Bridge , La Petite Zine , Sidereality , BlazeVOX, Castagraf and Unpleasant Event Schedule, as well as in single-author issues of Mudlark and Poethia .  He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and works as a journalist.


Peter Jay Shippy is the author of Thieves' Latin (University of Iowa Press). Alphaville is an abecedarian suite. Other sections of it can be found in upcoming issues of 42opus and eratio. He also has new poems appearing in The American Poetry Review, Fence and The Canary , among others. He teaches at Emerson College.


Sandra Simonds graduated from the University of Montana with an MFA in poetry in 2003. Her poems have been published in the Colorado Review, the Seneca Review, Barrow Street, Phoebe, Lynx Eye, BigBridge, Castagraf, the California Quarterly, RealPoetik, Borderlands, the Ampersand, Moria, Gutcult, 3am and others. Currently, she teaches high school English in Oakland, CA.


harry k stammer lives and works in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara . His poetry has recently been published in sidereality, Lil's Ezine, dreamvirus, xStream, Znine, Moria, BlazeVox, and is a regular contributor to as/is. Two of his ebooks, ‘isnting' and ‘(little Tokyo)' were published at xPress(ed) and poetic inhalation, respectively, in the fall of 2004. Continuing work in progess can be found at http://harrykstammer.blogspot.com.


andrew topel was born andrew topel, and he is still currently andrew topel. there was a point in time when he was the spy zendu voodakuaf, but that has nothing to do with this. he lives in colorado where he runs the unofficial avantacular press. andrew can be reached via email at andrewtopel at hotmail dot com. “Thunk” is from a collection entitled GENESIS. andrew thunk about it for awhile, and then decided to do it.  is it an un-kht, or a hut for kn?  a hunk of t perhaps...


Nico Vassilakis: from The Vowelist

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Chris Vitiello lives in Durham, NC and is part of the Lucifer Poetics Group. He has just finished a manuscript entitled Irresponsibility , and his Nouns Swarm A Verb was published by Xurban in 1999. His blog is located at http://the_delay.blogspot.com/


Randall Williams is an artist living outside Durham, North Carolina. He is currently reading Kristine Stiles's Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art and Lyn Hejinian's The Language of Inquiry. He is a member of the Lucifer Poetics Group.


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