// harry k stammer



Jewelry District (" ychotic ")


out per Pershing Square 6th street drinking 'coles' to

         at early 'misting' C rejected taken(ing) dialogue lesson (s) is
entered G & R singing "spread it out no

central city L sits down tapping 5 against 4 test rewards as

                          is real (ity) (s) "you may think appearance 'd
or as in 'thigh slapping' "you know where the Starbuck's







Jewelry District (" chotic ")


           is'is?" shaking care down from tests rewards ing business semi
reality (trucked) prevention G & R say "appearances make me cum, yeah" so

         test nothing gives loves absolute piece errors filially (esque)
bond (ed) "you think no one grieves, early in the
     morning?" telling obligation structure fault natural oil (ly) rising

waters abundance imply (ing) fountain argument (ed) intelligently accident(ed)
                  bond fortune mar

                    future baby's health as now called: end fatuous (ly)
"don't presume it' the" L scratches C's back harder

              to two confined hardwood saintly shaking confinement gives
loving nothing "scratch a little lower, please" shorted possession "I knew it"








Jewelry District (" hotic ")


"does anyone here, know you?" L picks up her
   bag walking distances shorter toe steps wiggling fingers (glass pipe)
lighter here necessary proof wheterh appropriate chambered ('phalapod) stack

   pennies on the left quarters right confident over porticulis dropping
                                                    'issembling tinkling

"up on a hill" C looking up 10th a

window 4 to 7 left and E



harry k stammer
lives and works in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara . His poetry has recently been published in sidereality, Lil's Ezine, dreamvirus, xStream, Znine, Moria, BlazeVox, and is a regular contributor to as/is. Two of his ebooks, ‘isnting' and ‘(little Tokyo)' were published at xPress(ed) and poetic inhalation, respectively, in the fall of 2004. Continuing work in progess can be found at http://harrykstammer.blogspot.com.

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