Daniel Borzutzky


Mission Statement


More than anything what I wish to achieve is
for my white shirt to no longer be a symbol
that I must throw myself from the roof. Pleasure is
so unpleasant and yet this same displeasure that
led me once to hide in my
ideological ventures is so pleasing
that I shall invoke the wonders of science to
excavate the beachheads of
cooperation that have led me into this
jungle of suspicion where the dead must be called
the undead. And yet I'm only saying that to
unite myself with myself I must fill
my garden with the flower of civility.
It is a flower of weakness and hard to
digest and though I suffer from fear of words in
general there are words in particular that might
provoke a small change in this life I hate and want.
Oh the gentle sense of peace that comes from the
impossibility of peace. This more than
anything is what I wish to achieve.