Adam Golaski


(A Drive to Seattle)


Th’fish look as’oft’as th’light
th’light’as diffus’as through--

watch water drops watch water
drop’on water watch from below.

Clouds = approximate symbol
n’approximate symbol’v’a river
Blue. “Hey,” Frost. “Eric,” Pink “Abby.”

Moon =’alf circle + bright--
moon’s’a half sunlight.
Mountains, pines, alleys, fish.

An’eel’as long’as you are.

A skate swims on its side.

Bridge: long, low an’eel passed
through’n eye socket through
coral + cartilage + city-calcite.
Along’n’eel’s back an’eel’s spotted
back an’eel’s back soft’as light
as’oft’s th’light, as diffus’as th’light.



(A Train to New York)


What th’dead think th’train runs
th’train runs pas’th’grave                   yard

th’swamp b’side
the overpass:
“You tremble
Your tight box can’t.
You, Your bones,
they tremble.”

A river s’wide’s the Hudson
(at least’at certain points)
w/its’own fact’ry
billowing its call:
“Because Your
box is immobile
You tremble as those
who walk, walk.”

All th’train has t’say
th’train’as said + repeats

Th’train’as read the house w/ no roof--
th’frail laugh’v interest + uncertainty:
“You want more as
the river passes over.”

Th’train read th’hazy docket
th’train blue paper + black.
You    Train    Rattles
You Your train’s heavy box.