Dustin Hellberg




(The Dogon of Mali
believe they had been visited
by an alien host who gave them language
and knowledge of Sirius B’s fifty year sidereal period,
star which they worship, and whose inhabitants
the Dogon are descended from, the Nommos,
fish-like men:

His body in partition/ for to feed them,/
as the universe had drunk/ of his body/
so the Nommo made men/ drink./ All life unto.

Tolo Po: (smallest seed) Dogon name for Sirius B, the first discovered white dwarf, which is invisible to the naked eye and is in binary orbit with Sirius A, the closest star to our own, and as part of Canis Major is often called the dogstar whose appearance low on the horizon in July initiates ‘dogdays’. Western man only noticed Sirius B in 1862, though Sirius A had helped predict the flooding of the Nile for Egyptians. The Babylonians, too, believed they had been visited by strangers they called Oannes who rose from a craft in the Red Sea and gave them math, alphabet, laws and architecture. (as recorded by Berossus, surviving from fragments from the Greek)

Emme Ya: (sorghum female) Third and as of yet unrecorded star in the Sirius system, which of the three is unique in having a satellite. And evidence shows that the Babylonians in flight may have migrated well into Africa as far as Mali, and there may have mixed with local tribes.