Tony Tost


Ink Drop




sleep & be there. Spilled
record. Perfumed ruins. Softest tigress
heart of her. Cat’s paw
finer grandeur. Sudden heralds above
pound softly vampiric : sun-embroidered, annihilated
serendipitous isolation. Steppingstone. Stasis is
dead (again). Vibrating stabilities. Improvisations
characteristic, periodic. Stranglehold offers form
wolf grief. Hunger. Cucumber. Contemporary
bulge. A swallow. Immigrant sophistication











overemphasis, evidence, milkweed. A bulge
pre-information. Alchemist singing as wolf
& forest. Parallel economies. Characteristic
mimicocracy. Residential dominion, denial. Dead
beast rising. Terrible quotations. Serendipitous
archeologist. Disappearance : discussion’s sliver. Pound
wisdom’s tractor. Finger fragments. Finer
host of a fixed heart
warbler transfixed, nested. Newest record
meant bells, boughs. Scared sleep











wood struck, stacked. Maze meant
evening flourish. Sudden knowledge, warbler
of cause. Small nail : host
riddles before forests. Morning—wisdom’s
trade. Partial ancestor, manifested archeologist
conversational hyperbole; bloodnervous. Easy beast
gifts gently disfigured. Disfiguring mimicocracy
illuminations disfiguring. Loveliest tempest &
sight is blurring listening. Pre-information
off to singing. Twittersong overemphasis











exaggeration parodies focus. Gone off
investigating earliest strata of sight
as stylish audibles, episodic illuminations
imagination prominently erotic. Subject gifts
wounds running, perfected. Operations conversational
simultaneous penetrations co-opted into trade
drama perceived into inward riddles
forth as froth. Haunt of
virtue, pilgrim spirit seeking evening
to sleep in a wood











prone pose through which to
model before notefall, sweeten virtue
in soft flesh put forth
into heaving. Under itself, drama
is motion, becoming, generation. Simultaneous
annunciation. Atrocity translated, gambled wounds
themes dislodged—heroic, oceanic. Imagination
assimilated. Periodic reckoning fissures as
rock, ray. Concerned vibration investigating
strange routes. Precise subvocal exaggeration











sensibility enfolded into wave. Strange
genealogies positing orders. Old rock
of rigor, possible participants assimilated
unanswerable emotional inertia sprouting themes
to forge attraction. Original annunciation
misunderstanding machinery, boundary : Eros is
before surface, after image. Into
such jaws this flew in
notice faces music. Moment’s model
still night’s, now note prone











call it a nest. Still
revealed : presence. Into knowing’s notice
a dog swam with such
support. Water itself released before
a vessel understands inheritance. Misunderstanding’s
specificities (uncollected phantasms unleashed to
speech) revised pre-formance. Undervisions unanswerable
elementary. Eternity existed. Yawning of
an age, before direction. Genealogies
of grease. Dreamdead. Structural sensibility











hallucination, solemnly awake. Scars of
metaphysical intention. Candle lit, an
orb’d realist : eclipsing necessity. Elementary
multiplicity. Identity posited, fancy’s speech
sound limits. Repeater : identity’s specificities
capabilities atmospheric, perceptive, bitter. A
stabbing desire. Leaning grammar. Support
spark, late taste, sense a
presence within details. Descent revealed
hymns, or the seas, call











soon noon. Come net hymns
stillness stirring. Before, nursing presence
small pool. Breath less spark
eclipse singing – elapse, collapse – stabbing
star. Flowchant, compulsive underpurrings. Capabilities
perpetually speculative, airlifted towards sound
the other listening. Devotional multiplicity
preternatural supermarket, proportions ever orb’d
tracks or lenses. Habitat. Metaphysical
trace. Use deduced. Manual hallucination