Tim Botta


Planetarium Unhappiness Vigil


Planetarium unhappiness vigil,
by the teak gallows, his platinum limit

follows illicit links to silicone
corn silk. Misogyny binge

and bondage .mpeg morgue
of his defiling cabinet. In the citrine

side stream, glissando,
a loop glistens his interrobang fingers.



Parable of the Snowball


Parable of the snowball. Snobby
halogen sidewalk of sobbed bourbon

obstacles, baubles mumbled, and halcyon
petroglyph of Alpha’s girlfriend.

Ladled, fondled, infused me. (Beauty
advisor.) Naïve knife, you French-inhale

his breath. Sexual Darwinism.
Cycling the denim embroidered with pine straw.



Corsetry, Your Discipline


Corsetry, your discipline
along with the whistling implements. Your voice

travels the beige corridor,
trebuchet honey. Hot Hallowe’en

librarian, self-locking biology
office embrace, or fantasy

“desk lay.” Cubicle seeds, clavilux
visions, spiritual splice, saliva sleeves.