Noah Eli Gordon


from The Year of the Rooster


There’s a moment inside overhauls its own loose ends
Luxuriant staples in a mauve-lined room, romantic silence
Maybe the week’s non-consensual letup
Ambulance sirens coat the atmosphere around such latent arrivals
Everything by ship when it’s slippage I’m after

Rain soaked, the radio & its routine morning deliverance
make her half as overwhelmed as breakfast, but playing it
would only appease the other part of my tag-along wounds

Was it an atom, an aphrodisiac, or just Eve
turned confidant to a quiet study area
where disturbing others would be wasting space?

Either way, these metronome headaches settle radiantly
Nothing makes jousting more egregious
All suchness & other tragedies on tracing paper


Everyone’s an alien
  to squalor’s ghost, electromagnetic
fallout, snow & its interior silence

  Calling an asset an awful thing
wakes a cheap animal & yes already it’s yesterday
saw a bird the big so what made just a word later on

I’m not declining tenderness grinding against narcotic twilight

Something else to weld evening together

A few distant footfalls, dominant oblivion

This muffled practice stunning as a binder clip
makes the best furniture for adjectival distance


Bantam hypothesis: here history’s gone a half step into human verbs

After we crossed the water what’s left but to ask if I’m trapped
or is this an-acorn-drops-a-peculiar-orchestration symbolic


Wearing away the end
of a rifle, then pulling off thorns
to edge up the insects

Neurons firing in the ditch
make a bed for the river
a heavy rain brings on
I’m stuck on equations
passing like geese

An hour of pacing finds
a skylight to push them through

A moment’s fringe epicenter irredeemably stalling
so I take my graffiti haltingly—
                     here’s the word blue painted in green on a bronze rail
practically another vacant lot latched
in the Grand Museum of Symphonic Self-Avoidance
finding a human interest story to ease dead air over dinner
only the daily grind gone full circle, still at a red light
& the dog demands friendship graciously
not an excuse that’ll stay with you like buckshot

A bad day’s account gone bright with it
Appellate rejuvenation, accelerated change

The parking lot attendant’s playing holiday music

loud turbulence

a love song


Even statues lean into source material
A little less reverb on the veranda


Rooster says that kind of routine letdown gets somewhere

Only thing I can’t tell is the starting point from the part already lost

A dead ringer for slim familiarity, a stranger
seen a half dozen times in a single day

Now, wind knocks its way past window ruts

Dramatic logics of a lone blue jay
beat against the back of my neck
& afternoon’s airing its pertinent grievances

How dim these cigarettes seem
when geometric patterns of the rug keep me occupied
until the dinner bell rings its egalitarian yes to a ruined offering

Sure I carry my nobility like a mule can’t sustain a human agenda


Drama mapped a cricket
               fiddling genderless noise

          Hello Hello
                                  Hello Hello

             mimetic heart means copy me

                 Light falls

                       or fails to sound grass

A bit of soft music
from the loud speaker
in idiot rain
indoor animals

One more valley, one more hill
The intellectual thing was north

             Gray sky’s
overused objective
             wants in a green bottle

                                    green abundance

O attitude, what grows me like this?