Anne Blonstein

[Psalm] 4.





  lapsing my niche <Das doppelte Ja

zum Asyl-                     und Ausländergesetzt

von September 2006

führe zu einer immer strengeren Praxis

der Behörden        > hold

  media-grey moments            unhealing repertoires




                bureaucratic questions respond against identifying

 options not necessarily        inarticulated

<Unter anderem habe sich die Lage für papierlose Ausländer

deutlich verschlechtert> references quicker                                       invisibility

                              branded <Möglichkeiten

den Aufenthalt zu legalisieren

gebe es praktisch

keine mehr>  raped

      enlarging rather here               bruised trust


                   health not necessarily intrinsic

           and sound may oversimplify




     an intrusive state

            like cheating like     metaphors embrace

           the amorous emptiness              bordering unproductive names


           charmless zones              betray subversively leased evidence




            & doing often undoes

            each phrase lifestyled elsewhere

        earning some  insteadily distinctions


                        ibidinal sounds maybe organize

           a line inconceivably walking




   rattled components      ginger unexpectedly

   & atrial links       —    the heart times      an uneven

      beat     line      beat biology chemistry mathematics

          on leaning —                   meet signs keep becoming chiral matrices

           & details mutate unheard shifts              least elaborations




     give beauty hysterical urgency


    & before taking heresy unconventionally

    approach lytically —        it emerges with earlier




        as material responds      incompleting meant

                 to unfinish being

          perspective neurological instantiation chadored




         so many heavy enjoinments


               & the images rubbed until sored                      mostly




         borrowed sabbath   loves untouched        mind

             affinities stretching chronically back encounter

          as though epidemotic


             leave before telling her

                      the unacceptability screws into by now ignored






(sda) Kritik an der Anwendung von Asyl- und Ausländerrecht. Neue Zürcher Zeitung Wednesday 14 September 2008 · No. 223, p. 19

<The two yes-votes in the September 2006 referendum on asylum and foreigners has led to an increasingly stringent praxis on the part of the authorities>

<Among others, the situation for foreigners without papers has clearly deteriorated>

<There are practically no longer any ways to legalize one's stay>



[Psalm] 5.





  limitating my neighbourhood <Seit Mitte Jahr

ist in der Schweiz

die Zahl der Asylgesuche

stark gestiegen>                   holdingly



  as material responds      imbricates

           sternate words overlapping      yours

          absorb three peonies' lactiferous lavishness

     quietly ultrastructured      larynx intramediating

                              breath quite  rhodomined



   keep if

         relational ontogeny

          opens into not yet chosen

             adducts veteran necrotics

   an injured state           —

                                                          decomposing macrotropes into maculae



             what annomalies not yet

      emptied into kairotic lungs     — quitting
settled chairs



            boundlessed <Der Chef des Bundesamts für Migration

relativiert die Tendenz

und hält die Probleme der Unterbringung

für regulär lösbar>           dusty quotas that choke

 ludically peregrinating numeric       instantiations



           question-riddled bones morph

        into endometaphoric losses      into quintœssentially outspacing    normality

edilic       dances into her mentioning   unworks

       being chontrite



hymened        unsaturated    exfiltrates inacerbate

       being known



        it engages farthered eristates

         resticulates         <Die geplante Asylgesetz-


dürfte ihrerseits

in neuer Konstellation

zu altbekannten Disputen führen>               untied neglect





C.W: Asylpolitik wieder ein Thema in der Schweiz. Neue Zürcher Zeitung Thursday, 9 October 2008 · No. 236, p. 1

<Since the middle of the year the number of asylum seekers in Switzerland has risen sharply>

<The Head of the Department for Migration has relativized the trend and claims that the problems of accommodation can be solved using conventional procedures>

<The planned revision of the asylum legislation will probably lead in its turn to the reconstellation of well-known disputes>

from though each loving is murmured