Anne Blonstein




        the madness of scars


as jet roses twist

up the chlorophyll arch

into the dream she enters wearing

bottles of mauve ink

tied around her waist

with ophelia's hair


the uncatalogued tree

growing down from a sky

dedicated by clouds

absorbs such delicacy


 shakes its blossoms


onto could this stumble anywhere?






schlosscafé stuttgart





perhaps gerald manley hopkins

never engaged the modifier

because he was a good biologist


because plants throw us

what they cannot use

light with wavelengths

           of 490 to 560 nanometres



particles of a promise

that penetrate the dusty pores of our skin

and bind on thinning membranes

to trust receptors






wattstrasse basel





where concrete and steel meet

parquet floors and surrealism

it may be necessary to stir bluebell seeds

into my sixth cup of coffee

so the pathologist can write a report

that sounds like children playing

hide and seek                                                                                                  

                      on the other side of disappointment


paint the bathroom walls







hampstead london





with hollow abdomens husked    from devastated stories


wings shimmering with uncertain faculties

because they dried on the tree of dreams


antennae that can


   into unrecorded punctuation marks


& a proboscis formed as it feeds

on a pharmakon of choices


      exploring contagious spaces


so please

do not pin them to your mind






kunsthaus aarau






and then i saw

fanny mendelssohn

         leap         from an empty seat

in the third row

to grasp a dying soundwave

from kaija saariaho's

second string quartet


there she swung

in billowing fennel-white skirts

green glasslights through her hair


and i wondered if she was trying

to amplify

         or break it






lucerne festival

from 51