Emily Kendal Frey


When your heart stops beating I take you to the corner of the boat.
I make your heart beat again.
But I am very angry.
A rocket takes off.




I trace my hand over and over into my notebook.
Yellow raccoon eyes bore into me.
I want to do injustice to something.
I want to exist on the bottom rung.
I saw that film about the bridge.
Everyone kept jumping off it.

Sometimes they just got the splash.



I'm in the closet for a long time.
When I come out the sun has gone down.
There are babies everywhere.
Babies on the couches and in the roads.

Everyone is dead except for the babies.



Every day there's a baby dying inside.

Small horses run up to the fence.



I don't have much but I do have a pet pig.
People pretend not to see him but for what?

He's always there, whirling in the moonlight.