erica lewis

from murmur in the inventory

i was there

another person or another life

strange how one can

disassociate the days


when it separates
i owe you one or one


tarnished what you keep

locked in the basement

the lip of your glass

on the table

to tell you about it

keep your eyes shut


unimportant what passes between
one and one's own




read as an epigraph


an empty room of something  sparse



--------------------------------- we live in a place of corridors
it is true and not real
and you turn the corner


framing light referends


and disperse as equal impermanence

of waves

white  lines

who had once played for the silents


but he didn’t think

they’ll heat to vapor

of things not lasting at all


go around me
you know the answers


and real and not true



--------------------------------- to record the tension


you’re much crazier than the weather


live quietly within this city


and murmurs

and names we can not acquire


but my fingers

had been kept secret



i didn’t recognize your face



---------------------------------where the time goes
what you call retaining

vomit talk

it’s not this quiet


some kind of animal


i think last night was


a slip of the tongue






how you keep finding me here


as elephants have past lives

this thing is bigger than you


and to retrieve it


retains of a particular


an empty coat of somebody


lead on my face


them with their kill




---------------------------------soon and soon
it has to

fucking stop



an explanation

your eyelashes


jumping into my chest


if you weren’t real
i would make you up


every song

i am what

the water

ringing for patterns

still to the count

for nothing forward



---------------------------------fair enough

keep firing

and though it changes you

i mean to leave everything


thinking i am thinking

already a man without lips

about one thing

i forgot

i forgot i forgot

i know nothing of physics


about putting skin on

how you are attached

to this machine and to its timing


girl you myself as a child


the way it echoes you

is to echo you


now and from the side


no matter what it sounds like


it is the sound of burning



---------------------------------transparency would translate beautifully to the bottles


little bird

actual black


but these are not my shoes


random unhappiness

backing you up

in faucets

in frames

what you want to remember

don’t worry darling

soon and very soon
events call themselves into question


nobody knows nothing


white waxed cocoons

black waxed dioramas


everyday i make up things to take seriously




it’s not about geography


when the past becomes the now


he is leaning over her from the other side


fraught seams


these beats are twenty years old


if i could be that for someone else


between her stockings and her skin




the danger is that we will listen


we went looking for lightning


it did me in





the memory of

our sacred so and so


i steal everything


to reconstruct air

that something splits into

these bodies lacking parts


make a fist

put your mouth over my mouth


ruins and ghosts

we’ll never leave this room



---------------------------------don’t try to change my conviction

a little map 

in your mouth

in my mouth



by your own memory

a cage of fire things


i want to hear you


i only remember falling


then you must


tell me i’m crazy

you told me i’m

all people inside


i can’t drink my coffee until i put you in the closet


close your mouth just close it


you were here last night

you were driving circles




tell me would it kill you


not the other way around


glossy red songs


i will find you in the distance