Word For/Word [ Issue 17: Summer, 2010 ] [ Previous ] [ Next ] [ Notes ]

Kathryn Cowles


the porch is the prettiest part
give it a name: the porch
look at those flowers
from here you can see the side bed
it is the prettiest part go there
more flowers
see how the lawn is or isn’t newly cut
see how the short fence keeps
out the rabbits
the garden is the prettiest part
with its supply of bright and tiny blue birds
over the tomatoes and chard yes go there







[second bird:] ---------
[to its mother]
[mother has given it some]
[food it desires]
[chews, no swallows, whole]
[1 and 2 sit] [patiently] [wait]
[mother hands it to the black bird
w/ the orange on its face]
[you got to hand it to her]