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Kate Ingold

Thesaurus for Ceasing War



and here we find ourselves
in this predictable fight
or flight pattern:


despite the parasitic nature of cowbirds,
their numbers are decreasing;


water left untended
will turn on itself;


though our motives
of management were meant to test
the instruments of large-scale movement, still;


(consider all the taboos
and occulting)


the theory of mutual annihilation
reductio ad absurdum;


ask yourself, ‘Is this an effective
stop-gap measure?’;


once carved for the highway,
the side of the mountain was
painted to appear authentically ‘rock-like’;


the rather genius
addition of spider
web protein to goat casein;


‘it’s best to think of the buried
waste as precious time-
capsules for future generations’;


so-called ‘flicker vertigo’ is
a direct result of flickering
light and is not limited to


apply the serge
to prevent the seam from






the sheer whirlwind


surrounding her: nuclear lightening
followed by thunder-
ing aftershocks;


funnel clouds of
acid rain;


dust devils rising
from dry riverbeds;


methane steam above
melting permafrost;


each revealing
the complex weave,


the source






issued: divining rods
purpose: prescience, divination[sic]
description: ‘one end-times prop’


Now, define the world in conjugations of the verb







the berm, laid down each summer and destroyed each winter, the heavy storms
sweeping water up from the depths of the ocean onto the shore,
each wave measured and plotted and given name, the visible


edge of the earth, buffeted as it was, built of age-
old metaphor, banished to the Island of Errors, preaching
a ‘deep baptism,’ a measurement of




the text as source v. the practice as source v. the worry
inherent in the presence of each and every error,


men, understand the text as source as
inherent meaning, given directive to see
deserts as oceans, navigable and inherently wrought






at the war college, cadets
“think chaotically”
and study the Cloud of Unknowing:


it’s a bedouin tradition,
roaming bands, these so-called non-
created energies:


proverbial degrees
of loyalty place family, clan,
etc., etc., above all else:


as a measure of disorder
that exists in the system:


remember the surge, i.e.,
break them down
with waves:


think of this
as a ‘cytokine’


identify the eventual
product of radio-
active decay:


in this photograph,
we are living in a
house made of bones:






on the steps of her house
built on the foot of the continual


beating and raging
against the wind and ice


the brambles are burning,
(not this, not this)


while she rifles
through the Guide for Living
Our Non-Apophatic Theology


overbuilt and ponderous,
the story of waves


pounding the fractured
edge of the earth,


she studies the chapters
on Game Theory Predictions and


Their Relation to Your Spiritual Life,
The 11 Principles of

     Attrition, Moving Beyond
Kinetic Energy


Into the Principled System
of Information








and then remember the slight


ortolan caught in Cook


‘s net:


plumped and prepared (certainly does not


feed on brandy or wine, though


either will bathe the bunting in a suitable soup)


her delicate nest found on or near the ground, (the hunting


of beetles and grass seeds and the feeding of her young


make for a glorious Last Meal,


a fine recompense for toppling the Pacific)



she sings sweetly enough to encourage


thoughtful, though rather sentimental,


treatment from the highest


of authorities: even in death, her gaze


makes the steeliest of men shield their mortal-


weary mouths from the All-Knowing


Word. Shroud yourself in fine linens, Sir, as you feast


one last time, this reprimand your reward


for Good Taste.






I’m told in nautical terms
‘crack on’ refers to the unfurled,
not steady, advance toward heavy
weather, speed as modus operandi.


We’ve considered ocean litter
as a reflective surface
to promote global dimming, or the planting
of sulfuric aerosols into voluptuous


clouds. Or perhaps fitting
the desert bed with plastic sheets,
increasing her albedo,
a rather forward-thinking move-


ment firmly embedded
in scientific method, almost
a direct rebuke of so-called
‘faith-based’ initiatives. Call it


what you will: “Cloud Whitening,”
“Marine Cloud Brightening,” “Cloud
Reflectivity Enhancement,” a firm
step-up from the lackluster


dinginess associated with radiation
management, solar or other-
wise. Rest assured, the rain comes
acidic and she cannot be


sufficiently contained. Coal plants,
nuclear plants, they all require water.
I know; we cannot technically attribute
one weather event to a direct cause,


but I am speaking of water, and
the spraying of the atmosphere with sea-
water will increase reflectivity, regardless
of how many microns of plastic flotsam, or






placed within
the subterranean ocean, the possibility
of releasing vast water-
ways was described as a closed system:
the system’s extreme sensitivity to minute shifts in
initial conditions, bound by the Law of the Sea,
a fragile document made of integers, movements,
aspects, the possibility of beginning
with cipher and ending
with cipher, was described as a closed system:
deep beneath the earth
‘s deep mantle, a subterranean ocean, the possibility
larger than the Arctic Ocean, the ‘earth’ itself
the floating world, was described as a closed system:


You Are Attempting to Reach a Page That Does Not Exist


effluent, flowing out or forth, and so forth,
water dousing is left to the professionals,
we see right here the Law of the Sea
states a closed system, the possibility of






embellished with the rich
embroidery of the 19th century,
planetary currents –– can’t you see,


as a draw-
er of water, she kept her feet


–– were defined as “any manner of swirling
vortex,” the ocean’s gyres placed on the surface,
marked as much by what was above as was below,


were categorically unphotographable.
Measured by the length of one’s fetch,
I saw the place where they carried her,


the distance from the wave
‘s point of origin traveling
to the point of Convergence:


the offering of one cup of water to another,
even during times of great thirst.


One can transform one
vessel into two, free one pool
contained near the lake and rivers


by the simple act of ceasing.
Effluvium. Exhale. “An impalpable
emanation,” but why not see it


otherwise? Convergence. The offering
of one cup of water to another,
even during times of great thirst.






we set out to abandon
the vocabulary of the Industrial Age


to leave behind the invisible vapor, esp. noxious,
in favor of sewing together fields


blanket stitched edges, mitered corners, splits
of worn cloth from the outgrown and


tendentious, corn, beans, squash.
we feed our haptic selves, this pottery that,


to the touch, runs at varying temperatures.
crisis comes. the endless


difficulty of sleeping
through the night.  let us


instead ask one question:
how may I help you?






First, regard all dreams as rivers.


Second, the wind and tide.


Third, abandoned homes, transoms, satellite prisons.


Fourth, fade and flow, black liquor, deracination.


Fifth, collision, and therefore the sludge and slurry.


Sixth, light-box and shadow, stern structures, perversely athwart.


Seventh, front view made of two side views, or 3/4 views.


Eighth, mountaintop removal. Twilight. Lightning, cloud-to-sea.


Ninth, the luminosity of return strikes, limn the first night.


Tenth, fulgurites or the fossilization of light.


Eleventh, redoubt. The land rises as the ice retreats.


Twelfth, regard all rivers as dreams.