Word for/ Word

Anne Gorrick

There are hidden rules that determine how to cross this city
(based on search terms for Peep/Show)

Sundogs in Istanbul

What IS a skeletron anyway?

Circus skeletons sleep in wheelchairs

There is a fortune tellers’ carnival in Helsinki

Curious transactions are played out in the public realm

Masami Teraoka, what does the writing on the painting mean?

There’s a blackbird theatre in Rosendale

near the Moonville Tunnel

Take a picture of a man sleeping in a truck

All of the ones that say “intro” and “private shows” should say “peepshows”

Navigation found this item in the moonville tunnel

Finland performs on the vintage trapeze

The human skeleton circus presents the Warsaw Venus

Images of midway barkers at circus

shout out the land rights of Scott Helmes

Picture one word. This is visual poetry, the tool of the archeologist

Conjoined carnival corset twins tattoo circus magicians in Rio de Janeiro

Germany 1973

1977 and now

How to compensate for starboard pull

Gaymen selfpump

The good? Let us try this out: modeled in particular and concrete


Nottingham, Trent


Mezmer and the Fiji Mermaid and mummies

Tattooed circus animals on Silliman’s blog


Visuelle Poesie



A mermaid skeleton found in a carnival barrel

This poetry is clearly unarmed

Circus sword swallower

How exactly was Hitler harshed?

The public sideshow, weird naked swallers, human bridge circus

A vaudeville flea circus performs a torrent of work by Lori Anderson Moseman

Digital poetry as an extension of the sky

An octopus sucks a woman’s marrow

There’s a guy who eats fire, followed by poems written by snipers or Anne Tardos


Also, there are weird dogs in the human cannonball circus

and a man with no arms and legs lighting a cigarette

He’s doing visual poetry exercises in Humble, TX

Optische poesie

An infusoria of diabetic Europeans

The human skeleton is a science fiction

written in:


pushed wheelchairs

hairy circus posters

The peepshow ownerz are clearly having an outer body experience

Disappointed with life, this circus clenching act

Turkish poems in a carnival movie with no arms no legs

What happens if you get your jaw blown off?

Adelaide infrared

Mattress exercise

Peepshows float in gmail

Highly sensitive persons might be, er… a gay vaudeville artist and animal po director

Frankfurt am

Main America

Where Ellington is similar to Mesmer

Cold front, LL Bean, their computer generated faces

Tel Aviv in the peepshow bible story

the guess edge, the headless woman

vag conjoined twins art speak like Madam Blavatsky

Concrete Turkish poetry like a fat man on a trapeze

She’s gaga over having been born this way

Beard circus, sideshow man, beard face

and his machinic gaze

Examples of the 1960s in Buffalo:

A sleeping airport

Archived spaces

The illustrated book of



Or is oar, Scalapino

How I love you actress

Swallow your torrents, and learn how to behave

Under your armor, your fitness or training

There’s a tiny tot pageant swimsuit round

Floatout - their silent, their most intricate steps

Woman wearing spandex strangles other woman. Also drowns

Say goodnight to the Henry Darger night nurse

There will be:

tostadas de ceviche


text-based artwork

Move out of someone’s shadow

Who can turn 30 poems into a trapeze rat?

Budapest and its velvet curtains

Look, there’s a gorilla clown fighting with a lion

Plunge paddles

International sister bulldog

Pictures of her descendents

He’s a skeleton hump-day pirate

“Hi Anne at peepshowpoetry”

What are you doing on the Frankenstein trapeze?

Why did Kiki Smith make an octopus?

Las palmas, or a mother without arms or legs

Mydaily dactylology of a girl scout, queer wing-ed

There are hidden rules that determine how to cross this city

Embracing the sand as if I were a bird, I’d flee too