Word for/ Word

Anne Gorrick

The event, “I haven’t told you everything,” is canceled

I know who you are: an Orlando of signs

An industrial interpretation

The events in France became a revolution

Evanescence, evening dresses

Primrose oil that looks like a sun

Fear and faith kill the lyric

In forma pauperis

Kill photography

Kill the classified

Express your eviction

Fields in flames behind a formica factory

Forms of:






The light needs a holiday

Lost in known space, on an island inhabited only by Chihuahuas

Based on what book is backgammon boring?

Is brokenhearted the same as doubleminded?

Broken into beautiful lyrics

Into Japanese softball gloves

Did Christ wear Converse?

A converse Christ

Swim the style heights

In case you didn’t know

In case of emergency

Break glass

Cashmere sock mafia

Methodist undergarments wholesale

The octaves in an old dirt road

The sixth happiness of Kilimanjaro where the gods favor three rivers

Her iris ringed in math terms

She is analytical toward inanimate objects

She says, “I am number four on heart radio”

We are made out of grammar and pronouns and research

White raisins exercising in language

Winter came like an artist and the sky opened with smiling

The moon’s bloodcount, white abnormalities

Widows in frames

What does my name mean in reserve lookup?

Fishbone dart whimsy

Spanish intertwined and interrupted this remix

We fix ugly pools with our buttocks in alcohol signage

If I were a lyrical boy

If I gave a mouse a cookie

If your last day could be a dream

If only we could sparkle and body, hold on together

If only we were other animals or Victorians

A sentence engaged to grammar

We are inevitably doomed to meet up earlier

Ice cubes are jealous of soldiers

Tights dancers in pieces of Lanvin, Egyptian

Even the shepherds were suspicious

She is fishy with a borrowed positive

Missing in Sugarland, his serenade secondhand

She was made out of ginger and coconut

Maybe there’s a shark in the water with this sheet music

Pneumothorax, myositis

The physics:

In her jaw

In a rope

In a string

In her neck

Identifying spiders

Twins guard the pills against theft

An expendable care

A lush similar however

They ate quail for 40 years

Were they afraid to kiss in the dark?

Are quiet people made out of quarters?

Is your bad hair more mysterious, more predictable, more boring, more intelligent, more attractive, more dangerous than rolled oats?

Storms whisper like generators

Even her death was more poetic in his prose

Find other words for “beautiful,” other names for msg

Liability, language, lottery

Groom your sofa, help other animals survive

Zero mosque, dictionary dressup games

Her shoes might be delicious fractal pastries

French candlesticks weighed out like macaroons

What are the facial features in a fairy princess prom?

Cloud rose, tea olive, sumac, ash tree, angelica

Fragrant and hot, Marxism like violets cover the ground

And god said, “let there be a fish and game department. Gaudy christmas sweaters. Gaudete. A willow”

Will we ever interact with angels?

Will weightlifting stunt your growth?

Latin and moths were her collaborators

Her eyes a rogue wave, all shadows washed out

Damaged by TV and open to the bible

Acidic, saltier, because transportation should be simpler

Because he tries to put some love on

Horoscope hauntings

The history of chocolate and Hindu spiritual stories

Hunger will eat anything

Vinyl valve box cover

I have plans for you to overcome the world

Fear learns to be content and prospers

I hear America singing in my head

Painted houses call lyrics, I hear your hands on their doorknobs

You look wonderful tonight surrounds by space heaters

Our last session closed unexpectedly

You are self-quilting

Take a self-quiz on depression, on the veins and arteries in a cat

Dishwasher, motorcycle helmet, generator: which is the quietest?

Outboard paper shredder

Definitions of dragons and dust, dry goods, bow ties, garden peas

Of dogs, dolls and murder

Full moon metal alchemist throttle saloon

A life like flatbread

Press the regret tab

Francis Bacon like a red river

The repressed memories of elements, diplomatiques senegalaises

A journal of functions, damaged episodes for sale

A novel, a hurricane, a DVD player

What are her destruction levels? She’s an orchestra of addict

An error occurred in the dictionary forest

Of zoos

Of opinion

Of plasma and men

I am framed by an impala

Cake flour, all purpose catholic camera lens

I can do bad all by myself

I can feel the gospel all over me

Your broken dream bones are the same as air

Can fish drown?

I can feel the internal stitches through dogskin

Invisible moving inside a girl like a past tense

Lucky India-fusion dancesongs, indebted, indescribable

The most expensive house in the world like a popular baby name

Boring in all time domestic

What’s the record for most boxers worn at once?

Spiders in translation

In ink jest code

I throw my hands up in the air and love people on the ground

The unsaid sheet music of a Thessalonian sea and sky

Unsayable, unscrambled trilogy, unsaturated at any speed

Prom dresses, Princess cruises make peace with the dictionary

Carvedilol side effects, walking sticks, wooden signs

Turquoise beads, tusks, Tahitian pearls

The slit-mouthed woman wiki

He carved a trout coffee table complete with vintage flies

The grace of nickel stooges

Throw knives through a country door

Her dress looked like a raven, like a chapel with extra rooms

We think and feel our jokes too much

Alike in ink

We have eyes

We can tackle the window ourselves

We crave Olson

We are thankful for a brief thanksgiving

Think with your heart’s dipstick

Think about the way toys win over toys

Your costumed box, with a Googled dispassion

A wild Alaskan withholding, a sanctuary of spots

The first stone was a synonym

There is some strangeness to a lyrical you

Somewhere over a community college:

something fishy, awful, borrowed, dark

Something encouraging enters your body

Something ending in -box

Something ending in -Bahamas

Something ending in -clouds

I am edible for a birthday

At endless.com, tragedy lyric-ed around his inception

Unemployed in utero, his stroke was musical

An ultraviolet inscription on her sword

In ultrasound bone refracts or reflects

Lorikeet spectral curve

Movies leak like a Moses tutorial

Guitar chord Mandarin super-wedgie

The heart has a repeating pattern

The end of rhyme, the failure of vowel sounds

Initial consonant sounds, literary devices

Needle bound, the windows between sentences

Amsterdam, Miramar, the décor is harder to hold onto

Blindness curves inward

Mirroreyes, mirror furniture, her neurons at the edge of a lake

Tint, text, trim

Therapy America hides its tvs in the back of our heads

Wear a flat screen around your neck

A towel rack to ward off evil

To whom it may concern capitalization

To wound or pierce with a pointed weapon

Two wounded birds wonder at their own definition

How do you say “to wound” in Latin?

At the infection institute

Coaxing tides, concatenate

The concavity of a function

Points of inflection, engels curves, the second derivative test

Sketching a graph of convexity into her anatomy

Her hair the color of bruised reeds

A soundtrack to his brutalism

Armour wow, addiction claws, an essay on her appetites

Award working, agnostic, agave

Fur, flag burning, free trade, flat tax, foreign aid, fast food

Here we force anorexics to eat food stamps

The limitation of human trafficking speed limits

Lightbox, concretelibrary, teapotgames

Christ says it all coloring page

Nests, bowls, tombs

Tomb of Jesus cookies filled with dusting powders

She suffers from too much potassium or comfort

“too big uterus for da vinci surgical system”


She is an unresolved external symbol

Swan Island minotaur, a medusa frolic with shipwreck beads

Entailments, coalgirls, lion wigs

Her eyes make the stars say yes

Her enchantment sagas like newspapers

Watercolor anime mad: in dulce, in iris

The air was art deco, the diet was inuit

You are deductible and complicated and this is going to hurt

Your supernatural fashion

It’s dangerous to go alone: take this

Damage is an antonym for harm

Are mice covered by insurance?

Is alcoholism reversible?

Is her apron considered structural?

Thesaurus: The Movie

Threshold number of pulses

There, I fixed it

Theremin thermaltake

She was slapped by a secret sun

She experienced her body as dust, order, boxes, Africa

Her sight was littered with stars

Sacraments of salt, silvermoon, the signature of shadows

Death is near and he loves you, or he’s cheating on you

Things keep breaking or it’s spring

Poems about armor, about saying goodbye to Singapore

Their crushed kisses were set to music

Lyrics avant at birth

Abdominal muscle but living together, shoulder muscles

An interface pattern, identical twins live in the same house in Virginia

Theaters now in the company of dogs, night gardens, bleak fabrics

The bonding of nitrogenous bases – boom boom boom

Her blind dresses

Christ’s excess energy forms organic compounds

World money stored like calcium in the body

In the body there are many numbers and letters

Odd systems, farm exhibits

These pretzels are making me thirsty

Theseus and the minotaur, days of lyrics

Whose nervous system constructed the bible?

Sand, static, a woman’s eyes with you maroon

Do you want to attract Arab investors?

Atopic technologies, a dress like a grand staircase

An observation platform, a mattress, a dune, a taxi, a starlit canopy

Parrot appraisals, bullies in a jukebox

Write a haiku about math

Use the words: swim, sweat, sweet, swallow

Similes are normally free

The ocean attaches lyrics to us when we swim

Corpse coral, now, divide yourself into three

Dreams of western wear should warn the curious

Some corals have a cone shaped skeleton

Some will not open

Even to bleach

Bones, batteries, burn notices, bubble guppies