Word for/ Word

Anne Gorrick

Can you describe this valley of ash?

Many things in the world have not been named

Perhaps the first obstacle to writing even these random notes

is to remember that all disease is more or less a reparative process

What we need is a critique of visual culture that is alert to the power of images for good and evil

one that, at the same time, has no precise rules about punctuation


The Internet has always been a physical space

from the first moment I started experimenting with HTML code
I witnessed a physical installation
Somewhere or other Byron makes use of the French word “longueur”

This poem might gyrate around a fireman who burns books
The setting might be Verona in the 15th century
A description is not available because of this site's robot text
She was reading “The Setting of the Pearl: Vienna under Hitler”
The setting can also include lighting, social conditions and weather
A careful description of all these possible aspects
is the driving force that caused the narrator to go insane

It’s so easy, just do it
into the mist, clean and simple
It’s all kinda perfect
The perfect shade of green
A little bit of love
A rugged pattern
People who love camp
say that non-camp people simply don't understand
what's so amazing about camp
I have to admit
I've wanted a quadcopter and video camera
for the last couple of years
It’s been on my radar
ever since I became aware of a super group
formed back in the mid-seventies called Stuff

Acids react with zinc, magnesium, or aluminum
to form hydrogen (H2(g))
They react with compounds containing CO32
to form carbon dioxide and water

After some research in the
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
you’ll be able to:
describe major changes offered in the Beefy Miracle
address your confusion about disordered materials, and add to it
create an open, cooperative practical guide
In this lesson
you will learn how to envision
the setting of a poem
by identifying strong sensory words
Can you describe the setting
of the valley of ashes
where George and Myrtle live?
A traveler afoot
steadily on the road
marching from Athens westward
crosses the Corinthian Isthmus and
continues south
What exactly was Opal's daily routine?
For example, the setting of a story about vampires
could be an old, dark mansion tucked away in a foggy bayou
This setting lends an air of suspense
If you tell me that you spent the whole weekend cooing and clucking
you might explain to me the setting of all that clucking
I.The Calyx. II. Circulus.
Advance to the East
Trace a circle counter-clockwise
around the your “Chamber of Art” or place of your working
visualizing a shimmering silver
What is the setting of the hidden?

You may have noticed that I never actually gave an exact time and place for this poem

I didn't just forget to do this--I did this
Can you describe this valley of ashes?

Maturity has a way of
softening the edge of
an off-and-on confabulation
taking place between authors
In Blazonry for Beginners
minimize (use button at top of screen) this window
to return to the game
Blazon = to describe a shield
There were two reasons I didn't write
what that 'something' I found
[with un-gloved hands] actually was
On 11 November 1838 Darwin wrote in his journal
'The day of days!'
He had proposed to his cousin, Emma Wedgwood, and been accepted
The poet’s field notes allow readers to peer over their shoulders

Welcome to
the new “right-wing”
of the poetic “avant-garde”
Coupled together
repeat these words
three times
with vertigo

Let’s turn our attention to the most active part of speech: verbs
A resident collects the wet and fearful days
at the center of a historic natural disaster
and creates a fascinating mini-history
of the single-serve coffee pod
and its unintended environmental impact
Let’s study infinitesimal transformations through structure
There are many ways to note difficulty

The setting of a poem:
get to know it
flesh it out on paper
These are pulsing tense games
released with screenshots and conceptual art
to go along with the environment they reveal

Everything is available

There are complex and atypical mycobacterial infections
in these settings
these arterial transparent images
these fishing devices with
their cardiac remodeling
their deleterious consequences
The setting of more appropriate local speed limits

the setting of concrete is a gradual process Simulations reveal the formation of glassy materials
like the setting of a bowl of gelatin
The setting of these suns (so far) is free
entropy was introduced
its healing properties