Word for/ Word

Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Multi-Cultural Song

Of feed and flesh and touching

but not of feeling oh no

how could one feel

penuries greet foreclosure to appropriate


how one procures the other

so as to never feel again

as if tao is body and te

a taken road

go short or long with them tendons

fleshed gristle to muscle

ta songes

des songes

the moon has stopped lingering

do not lean over to stir or pluck its rapture

nod wink or nibble at the gelish

curtsy tipping sideways

the times have lost their caring and poise

neither myth nor tale will announce us

we need des carrures

shorted and swapped skulls and sky

torture food for fortune food deftly

around spokes that reveal

duplicity is soleil

sans couture

second hand language


here are victims and no perpetrator

designs demanding form

we roost by

sans culture sans cesse

found used or unused we deliver then wither

seismic activity that strikes and we are

or else the wheels of narrative

nuanced but also messy

will feed greed

as we cannot remember what we did not see

stray and cyber haired drones

familial or social construct

reflective not restorative

thrashing about

politics is in the way

and time with a calming eye for material and labor

from which spirit (querulous as ever)

may or may not materialize

wants to be heard

we’ll board a state of mind to doodle it all

jiggered doses of adapt and cooperate

longitudinal studies and ankles

denuding need to taste

to stir the future

world fair to rigidly amorphous throttles

short or long on distraction

des cantinières

letting in the now and we.