Word for/ Word

Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Nazle Douzle Morning

Let us replicate without proteins

lifted light shapes voices

learned behavior

splintered phrases are telling and more

of never looking back simulates

haven they say now

we must

the visible rendered invisible ripples

chords and rhythm of us manqué

hints we feel and muster

learning the notes

tao and te tao with te tao

nazle douzle blooms

quills and stubbles

they burn

in that we walked as we pleased among the fallen

to decipher decades of garnering amnesia

echoes of days out of habit

guileless in fact

some of us gauged the mechanism of salt

dragged out surface for nazle archives

looking for a word a star among

thicket Euphrates hauls

would she still after so many

years and deals can she?

what my palm releases is a base note

seasoned by peerless tears

tyranny of guilt imposes

silence delivers

should it?

the grammar of mourning insists

sound alone cannot discharge

as wings alone wouldn’t

in another world no explanation would’ve been necessary

no question would have clarified hearsay

would otherwise have garnished love

beyond question and syllables

beyond color size or model of horizon one salutes

light-lifted star debris (what fine breath)

howl that foments and headlines

grab a twig a branch

the seen but untouched remnant of a silk road

of rebuffed lute and body perhaps

distance to pace hunkered up

prized possession

mourn with me old lute

cut and spill sound

bump pluck lead tightness at the bend

sand burials and souls cargo

unlit caves and slaves

dawn is frozen for

daybreak ever thrush.