Word for/ Word

Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Nazle Douzle Crossing

Trails borne by somewhere being elsewhere nudge me

contemplatives out of pasture at the river elegantly

overtaken by river

beyond the shadows patience deems sky

bird and blue theory for the night

guise as guile trigger

I cannot follow

this back and forth firmament gone wild is my head

waterfall and cliffs landscape I have come into

grinding direction testing chance

ceded by the job of dreams

the flow ambush to hope

down here we’ve got butterflies and terrace

the oak tree and change of seasons

pomegranate seeds crimsonly

seated in Kekule design

keen on rapture

morning rendering itself emptied of limbs

fog and sky immediacy and sheen

a whole now astonished

wanton glitter

the crane of the sky has returned to sky

motherland mossed into heartland

tracking nocturnal caves

I sail by

sail by April by love by flock or herd

beckon at chance and other whispered graces

below turns and facets reminding me of self

below the aesthetic or smart of syllables

clothing my captivity

what cherished color gender country

trigger and front-end positions

root below tune and cloud

what named us

Mihran to Merwan to Merwin

justly civic and passionate

pulse barrier/ carrier

remember the old man who vanished in the night

talking to himself without looking at you

something never yours fragrant

walking you buffing you

remember turning blind and daybreak as artifact

the river and ridges your frequencies shifted

how you felt and happened on that

ana baba gun day

to have had that is rune ethnography

moment to moment living your death

roar into laughter and beam expansion

pressure reduction/ equalization

laugh off and away the brackish landscape

kingless birdless darkened apple you

morning frost greets scintillated

hyper odd still magnet red

lushly into crimson

measurement apparatus information

trust that better noted pitch and overtones

perceived nag as when stressed

numbers thing data

naz to douz


meaning matter

figure of merit unlike phonology repositioning the ear

the self the body your smart dust depends on

balancing acts over notes

around the spatial

the unspeakables

tighten them to stretch/ close to open

the work gliding the works

just as only justified

nasal to vowel.