Word for/ Word

Elizabeth Witte

In Dog Park

With no dog. The moss that never ever blooms. Or is

always. The plant itself. Latin or fancy is the name

of its originating thread back to make up what it looks like.

Spread as stars. Always be mapping. Claim story

and time. Or don’t, but have sense the facts.

Why collectibles cost so much. Or how long it has been

like this. Has it been worthwhile--It has been worthwhile.

Repeating, a way to learn. What is pleasing? pattern. Line,

texture, or color. A beeping undercurrent.

Is there a way for smell to? Which sense will tell you

that you’re--which will tell me? Left all around is

this scene. In this scene, the path is to the right; green

rolling up to the left. Further, the river named for a mill

that no longer does. Trees, the moss is somewhere here waiting

for us. And the dog, dogs will come free and running at it.