Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Four from Willed Capital
Dafted Blue

About when sentient turned sensible colors registered
and we wasting the day after hope resorted
dyadic outskirts the languid master
learned behavior surmises

spoiled love after a transient how

the more I look at myself the more my left side crosses over
that serves me an exploratory diaphragm
never before spotted

I am past knowing these days
I open like a book
to be written
all I have is a how

I eat my words the fend off


stehend all
tell me.
As Impedance Causes

Prestige languaged next to the hitch of the vernacular
as I stirred then steered want
I have wished it
a set of scars impede

advice wheels eroded over time
far from unwilling memories
carnal love and obituaries

scored overheads

maybe if I’d been unbuttoned or
mother or rain or clown
calligraphy maybe?

the way it feels elsewhere is obsession
fiscal backwash charged lake
I pass by privately

whispers meadows hatcheries I return to
the mainland and potted plants

don’t take me out yet

inform the night and pierced ears
approach nativities awhile
rattle glow burn light

money strapped smiles bypass the grin I feel safe with daily
your empty hands at wind after a flower’s disturbance

let me abandon you for now

Spring and dreams have entered my body
a peculiar insistence stages our story
Alice Neel the rings of Saturn
olir olmaz archaeology

maybe later distance and minutes will dress them
hives and gasps later
Seasoning, 2015

Feeling is to reason as mass is to gravity
yet affect delivers somatic markers
degrees and types dominante

trails against the sky
feathered salt

nodding to surface

as food is to be eaten and feelings are to be felt
clarified into dawn the veteran night
beauty radiates calmly
prods and curbs
just because

there is the rational systematic but also the encoded
mere heuristics historically implicated diaphragm
metaphor and narrative groom so how hard
would it be to forecast blank outcome
how elusive to purport context

time efforts to control
decisions start up

and we at best emotional bodies after pulp
social arrangement in and out of line
gloves rooms gestures perfection
my mistake eventually floor
1.2% GDP haunted
I separate from

and I lick it for luck

trace your reasoning portals
seasoning relativity

identity drives interest drives identity
sensor monitor controller defined
humidity humility

mother used to say I was loved as child

light need not be useless to the blind
I cast my emotional body over
violations of determinism
link it to forever

I tamper with plump destinations
what is murder what is justice
light or social plasma
particles of word.
Unraveled Commit

What is said knowingly exhausts authorship
Kepler rates its twin as Earth grates
Kepler for cardinal recall because
it needs carbon
how final could that be?

carbon dioxide quarks coming together to hadronize
tree to alpha pinene to aerosol and cloud
droplets contextualized for felicitous
passage garden wind shadow
valleys recognize

home news beyond the blue

a synthetic chromosome related to yeast reveals
emptiness to form natural silicon drifts
tailored genome possibilities
water in sand we slide
over easier
cryogenic systems ink our path

the Elohim make room for repetition and error
trap constraint to compensate for intrusion
repression evasion definitions reusing
quotes to elicit the theatrical
self-crippling bastards we
circuitously belabored
hidden states

contoured around syllables sound and mindset adjust
blessing inadvertent demise the traditional sorry
commiserated with fruit flies over alcohol
hydrogen can be stored in formic acid
we say sorry the dead are alive
belatedly rated and ludic

how does one fund context after code then?

though character feeds those who stutter it also leads
the social life of words use and trajectory dictate
being explicit with morals hunkers
capital next to flesh and bone
paints bird kinsfolk horse
grooms the beast

capital worth reputation abusive in likeness
and we against the anxiety of influence
settling cause behind mirrors
storing goods for later
in solitude