Mark Young
WCW: Collected Poems I
I will sing a
joyous song, an
idyl, they say
to me, an idyl.

I will sing a
joyous song,

I will sing
a joyous song
in harbor, in
San Marco,
Venezia, in the
'Sconset Bus.

I will sing a
joyous song
in the inter-
ests of 1926.

I will sing a
joyous song, an
invitation to
we who live
in this flat
blue basin, an
invitation to
you who had
the sense to add
an invocation
& conclusion.

I will sing a
joyous song.
It is a living
coral, it is a
small plant.

Item. I will sing
a joyous song.
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calculator is back!
Want to type
a backslash? Want to read the

value from a cube? Looking for
a definition of dead space in an
online Medical Dictionary? It's
a far cry from the flavorless

supermarket tomatoes typically
found this time of year. No air
drag, & a convenient portion
of banquette seating in the back

so the luminous fluxes can then
be calculated as the illumin-
ance decreases. Voting with
a fork can only get you so far.