Thomas Osatchoff

What color is a ghost? A ghost is black and white. Ironic,

because this is our everything we share and see tonic

but not what makes us be so how do we roast a ghost?

Make a ghost into a volcano. If you want to, holla—

because we like to say there’s got to be a change.

What size & color is change? A huge rouge? Red rover

red rover—we call our ghosts over . . . the mountain.

Row row row your boat; the bear went over the fountain.

Mt. Fuji is beautiful at the bottom and the top.

Does that mean we should accept our ghosts?

There's so many, yes. It was a privilege to visit Japan

before the radiation etc and now we can swim

over as salmon to a place like Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala.

Our collective conscience is a host with no color.